Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Mommy, what is this man doing to me?!

On Sunday, Ty was baptized at OLA. He wore an adorable white suit complete with vest and tie. It was a lovely ceremony, and we were thankful to have so many family members join us. Ty is blessed with wonderful Godparents - Steve's brother Mike and his wife Lee (see picture above).

Hey, girl!

Two other babies were being baptized that morning, so there were a lot of kids there. MJ, being the flirt that he is, immediately saw this adorable little girl and decided to introduce himself: "Hey girl! I'm MJ!" It was way too cute. I think we have a heartbreaker on our hands. :)

Ty with Grandma and Grandpa Eco

After the ceremony, everyone came over to our house for a cookout. We were planning on doing turkey, but Steve came up short again after his turkey hunt on Saturday. :) I love you, honey!

Our family with Uncle Eddie and Grandma and Granddad Engle

(we missed you, Aunt Ann!)

So, I couldn't figure out how to rotate this picture on the blog, but my mom got this gorgeous cake for Ty in the shape of a cross.

Uncle Eddie had too much fun Saturday night!

In other news, Uncle Andrew (Steve's brother) proposed to Leah on Saturday - we can't wait for her to become an "official" part of the family!!!

A special note to Steve- thank you for being the most amazing man I have ever met. You may not be the most successful hunter, but you are the best husband and father I could ever imagine. I love you, my hubs.

Monday, March 21, 2011


We love the swings!

After work on Friday, I went to pick up my race packet at the Georgia Marathon Expo. I love going to expos - they have the latest and greatest in racing gear, all the information you need for the race, and most importantly, they have free samples of everything! I was so excited for the race on Sunday.

On Saturday morning, after a quick jog around the neighborhood, I noticed my chest was hurting while I was nursing Ty. I feared that the clogged duct I had had the day before may be turning into mastitis (an infection from breastfeeding), and I quickly started an antibiotic. As the day went on, I prayed I had caught it early enough....

Then, the night came. At 3:30 in the morning, with a fever of 102, my body aching, and my chest burning, I was forced to face the truth- I was sidelined. There was no way that I could run 26.2 miles. This was the second time I have had mastitis while breastfeeding Ty - the first was on Christmas day. The kid has great timing. :)

I was a nursing soldier with MJ - I breastfed him for 8 months during residency, and I did not have one clogged duct or episode of mastitis. Ty and I, on the other hand, have had our struggles. He is 5.5 months now, so I only have 2 more weeks left to make my goal of 6 months. I pray that I can last that long.

Is anyone still reading this?

Sometimes, I think of my breast pump as a third appendage. Between MJ and Ty, I have pumped in call rooms, in between cardiac arrests in the ICU, on the GYN floor at Grady Hospital, in airports, on vacation, on the Budweiser bus at tailgates, in the bathroom at the Georgia Dome, and a plethora of other places. I could go on and on... I have a love/hate relationship with that thing, and I am ready to put it away.

Having said that, I am truly going to miss nursing Ty. I absolutely love the emotional bond that nursing provides, and I am going to miss it more than I could ever explain in words. There is an indescribable connection, a wonderful attachment between mother and child that will be difficult for me to let go....

You don't really think you're going to stop in 2 weeks, do you??

Now that I am done ranting, I hope all of you enjoy some pictures from the past couple of weeks!

This jumping thing wears me out

I climbed the tree!

No eating, just playing

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ty at 5 Months

I'm 5 Months old!
At 5 months, Ty continues to grow like a weed! His favorite things are the jumperoo, the exersaucer, and the baby Bjorn; he also enjoys sitting in the highchair next to his big brother while he eats cereal and oatmeal. We are going to start some veggies this week - I'm not sure how well that is going to go over. :)
In the jumperoo
Eating: still eating over 40 ounces of mommy's milk (and some formula) every day, even with the addition of some solid food - yikes!
Sleeping: 2 naps a day (about 1-2 hours each) and at night from 8pm-7am.
Accomplishments: grabbing at faces and hair (with a STRONG grip, I might add)!

MJ's preschool had "Donuts with Dad" last week. I think MJ is on his 3rd donut in this picture!
Daddy- can I have your donut, too?!

Watching MJ embrace his big brother role has been one of the joys of my life. MJ and Ty are truly two peas in a pod, and watching how happy they are around eachother brings tears to my eyes...

Brotherly love