Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sports Fans!

We took the kids to the Georgia Tech season opener against Wofford at the end of August.  They had a blast even though it was extremely hot.  We only lasted about an hour (mostly because I was complaining about the heat!) but it was still a lot of fun.



A couple of weeks before the game…

MJ: Mommy I just can’t wait to go to the Georgia Tech game!

Me: Awww honey, that really warms my heart.  I am so glad you like going.

MJ: Yes, I love it!  I am so excited to get Dippin’ Dots!

Side note: MJ still thinks that Bobby Dodd Stadium is the only place you can get Dippin’ Dots…I am sure he will figure it out some day!

Ty and MJ are both playing soccer this fall.  Ty is “playing up” with the Pre-K team at school – since he is the youngest player he was pretty overwhelmed the first day but now he loves it!


MJ is playing on the Kindergarten team – there is such a difference between last year and now.  They practice one night during the week and play a one hour game on Saturdays.  The kids have really stepped up their game and it has been a lot of fun to watch!

One of the mom’s on MJ’s team is a professional photographer- check out some of these amazing action photos...


MJ also decided to try flag football this year.  He is the youngest kid on the team (everyone else is 6 or 7) but he loves it.  They play one night a week and have a thirty minute practice followed by a 50 minute game that consists of two 25 minute halves and a 10 minute half time when the adorable cheerleaders perform!  Too. Cute.

On the first day of practice when MJ was the center he snapped the ball instead of hiking it to the quarterback and took everyone by surprise!  Of course I was on the sideline dying laughing while trying to explain to him NOT to long snap the ball like Uncle Andrew but to simply hand it to the QB from in between his legs.  Everyone thought it was hilarious.


In the first video above you see MJ running straight through/into their defense.  On the play before he ran east-west so Steve and I told him to run straight ahead then next time…well, he sure did!  And he got about 5 yards doing it!
Go MJ!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

First Day of Preschool

Can you believe that Catelin started preschool last week?!  She is in the Tuesday/Thursday 2 year old class at the same school as Ty (who is in the Monday-Friday 3 year old class).  We had a meet and greet at the end of August and she did great- she barely even noticed that I was running back and forth between her and Ty’s classrooms.  I was nervous about her first day but she was very excited to show off her school bag and take pictures.





Please note that the above pictures were taken on Catelin’s first (and Ty’s second) day of school…Ty was not as cooperative the day before…


When we got to school, Catelin jumped out of the car and chased Ty to the doors.


She hung up her school bag, put her sippy cup in the basket and followed the teacher into her classroom – I saw my opportunity to leave so I jetted out of there without her noticing.  I wish I could say that the next few days went that smoothly, but now that she understands I’m leaving she cries at drop off.  The teachers say she is perfectly fine and stops crying as soon as I’m out of the door so hopefully the tears will stop soon!   Oh, and we are “banned” from being first in the carpool line at pick up because if she sees the car when the preschool doors open she cries and jumps over all of the other kids to get to us!  Yikes!  I guess we will be walking to the door to pick her up the next few weeks.  :)

When the boys were in school this past Monday I took Catelin for a special treat – her first “pedicure”"  They really just painted her toes but she LOVED it (and even picked out her own polish)!



Yay Catelin!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Ty’s Top Ten

I decided to do a post all about Ty Ty – what I love about him, what he’s up to, fun facts, etc.  So, here goes:

1. Ty has an infectious laugh

I could listen to him laugh all day every day.  He has that kind of laugh where you just can’t help but join him.  ADORABLE.

2. He and MJ sleep in the same bed. 

They have bunk beds in their room.  Ty sleeps in his bottom bunk when MJ isn’t there (which essentially means he only sleeps there on the days he takes afternoon naps).  He and MJ both prefer to sleep in the top bunk together.  I snapped this photo of them the other night.


3. Ty is an incredible swimmer. 

He’s a little fish.  He has been able to swim across a pool since he was 18 months old so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised!  He started jumping off the diving board this summer and loves it.  He also started diving for the diving sticks and can finally get them. 

4. Naked boy! 

Ty loves to be naked - most days he is down to wearing his underwear by 4:00.  I’m not really sure where this came from but the kid can’t stand to keep all of his clothes on.  He started taking his shorts off and hiding them under the sink in the bathroom every afternoon just after nap time.  Thank goodness he usually keeps his undies on!  That is except for when he decided to take his bathing suit off while in the ocean at Destin.  I was laughing so hard I had to make Steve go get him.  sigh.


5.  He is adventurous.

The kid loves the outdoors.  He is always asking when we are going to go back down to the “property” (our hunting cabin just south of Griffin) or out to Colorado.  Whether it’s exploring, fishing, hiking, four wheeling – he just can’t get enough.


Ty fishing

6. I love the way Ty shows people the numbers “2” and “3” with his hands.

ty's 2Ty's 3

7. He gives the best “bear squeeze”

Without a doubt, his bear hugs are the best.  He gives a huge embrace that is firm but also full of love.  He hugs like he means it. 

8.  Ipad Obsession.

Ty is currently obsessed with the iPad- he loves playing the hunting game, any exploring game that involves animals or dinosaurs as well as doing puzzles.  We give both he and MJ about 30 minutes on “their” iPads before they go to bed most nights, but he would use it a lot more if we let him.
And when he asks if he can use it, he does it in the most adorable voice:

9. Gumby

Do you remember Gumby?  Well, Ty is almost just as flexible – it’s crazy!  Even in my college cheerleading days I couldn’t do some of these moves…

ty flexible 1ty flexible 2

10. He’s a protective older brother

He is always watching out for Catelin to make sure she’s ok and no one is threatening her.  I already feel bad for her future boyfriends!  They will have to pass the Ty (and MJ and Daddy) test(s)! 

ty big bro


He still LOVES the Waffle House!!

ty waffle