Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring Picture Post

There has been a lot going on – too much to go into detail so I’ll just post some pictures!

I took the kids to church by myself for the first time a couple of weeks ago (I’ve never been brave enough to take them alone before)- they were so well behaved I decided they deserved ice cream afterwards!  Smile


I was one of the chaperone’s for MJ’s field trip to the Tellus Museum last month- it was awesome!


Catelin had her annual check up with her neurosurgeon and craniofacial surgeon a few weeks ago.  She is doing great!  She is outgrowing one of the plates on the right side of her forehead so she may need surgery in the next 1.5-2 years but it will not be anything like what she went through before.  Isn’t she precious?! 

I couldn’t travel during spring break because I am too far along in my pregnancy so we went to some fun places around town.  Here are a few pictures from Tiny Town.


The Budweiser Clydesdales made a visit to Eagle Rock- the kids loved seeing them!

family clydesdalesgrandkids

(side note: the shirt MJ is wearing was made in his class as part of a fundraiser for his school…just fyi in case you were wondering why he has a huge purple glitter M on his shirt!)

Steve took the boys for some fun at Dave and Busters.  Ty hit the jackpot and won 1000 tix.  Then MJ did the same…followed by Steve.  They racked up over 11,000 points and guess what they got as a prize?!  An enormous fluorescent gorilla!    Just what everyone needs with a newborn on the way!  hahaha
1000 tixdonkey kong

My dear friend Carrie was in town from California and a few of us were able to get together for brunch.  Her and Tracey both brought their precious new baby boys (Sam and Grant).  And Katie brought her beautiful daughter Neely (aka "wild woman").  Adorable!


They had Grandparent’s Day at the big school.  MJ had a blast showing Grandma Eco and Grandma and Granddad Engle around the classroom.  Ty and Catelin enjoyed seeing them for lunch later on.


The boys have been busy with baseball and are currently taking swim lessons.  Catelin is loving school and doing great!  Baby E #4 is going to be here soon so we are busy getting everything ready for when he/she decides to arrive! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

MJ’s One Year Type 1 Diabetes “Birthday”

It’s amazing what a difference a year makes.  I will never forget April 10, 2014 – the day our lives were forever changed…the day MJ was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  I remember trying to calm myself down while pricking his finger…you are overreacting.  The only reason you think he could have diabetes is because you are a doctor.  His blood sugar is going to be normal when you check it.  We have no family history of type 1.  It is going to be fine.  Calm down.  And then the meter read “HI."  I looked at my hands – they were shaking uncontrollably.  Tears welled up in my eyes while bile rose into my chest.  BREATHE!  Maybe the meter is wrong – check it again.  “HI.”   Shock.  Disbelief.  Fear.  Sadness.  All of these emotions wrapped into one as I raced to call Steve.   MJ’s blood sugar is critically high.  We have to get him to the ER…he has type 1 diabetes.” 


And here we are a year later.  I am so proud of how far we have come as a family, and of course even more proud of MJ and how he has dealt with his new reality.  There will always be hard days… it breaks my heart to watch his friends run to the concession stand after baseball games and get to pick out anything they want to eat while he looks at me for approval.  I see the longing in his eyes, praying that I will say “yes” to his choice of snack.  I rarely say no, mainly because I want him to feel like a normal 6 year old boy…he knows we will just need to adjust his insulin accordingly.  His finger pricks and insulin shots have become just a part of our normal daily routine and we are acutely aware that any sudden changes in his behavior almost always mean his blood sugar is either too high or too low.  We are blessed that MJ has developed very good hypoglycemic awareness (meaning he usually knows when his blood sugar is dropping); the dangers of going low are scary.  VERY scary.  I remember the first time he told me he felt low and his legs were shaking- Steve ran to get the juice while a “42” registered on his glucometer.  It can be frightening but I am glad he knows his symptoms.


We decided to celebrate MJ’s diabetes “birthday” – he got to choose what he wanted to do so we had his two “besties” (ironically both are named Chase) over to spend the night.  We took them to dinner at MJ’s favorite Mexican restaurant and then for Italian Ice at Rita’s.  They had so much fun playing and laughing that they were up passed midnight!  Daddy got MJ a fishing pole and mommy got him a stuffed animal he wanted (yes, he is STILL obsessed with stuffed animals!)  SmileIt was a wonderful day.


MJ is my hero.  Maybe it is weird for a mother to call her young son her hero, but he really is.  I am amazed every day at his incredible outlook on life and how his diabetes has become a part of it- a part of him.  His acceptance of his condition and his bravery are amazing beyond words.  Steve and I are so very proud him.  That made the decision to celebrate his diabetes birthday easy- of course we will celebrate.  We will celebrate our son and his courage, his optimism, and his love of life.

Happy one year diabetes birthday, MJ.  You are our hero.


Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy Easter


We had a wonderful Easter weekend.  The kids are all on spring break this week so there was a lot of excitement leading up to Easter day.  Everyone had their class parties and egg hunts last week.  Steve and I split up duties- I went to the preschool for Catelin’s class hunt/party (and got to see Ty there) while Steve went to Stations of the Cross with MJ’s class.

Here are a few pictures…

CL and mommyCL bunnyCL egg huntcL eggsCL with friends

We went to Dunwoody Country Club for their annual Easter egg hunt on the golf course on Saturday.  Catelin was deathly afraid of the Easter bunny so she stayed as far away from him as possible!  Remember this picture from last year?!


Well this year she wouldn’t even let the Easter bunny get within 20 feet of her – I decided to not force the issue.
DCC kids 2DCC kidsDCC fam pic 1IMG_5060IMG_5061IMG_5064

On Easter morning the kids were thrilled to find that the Easter bunny came with presents and goodies for their Easter baskets.  He also hid eggs all around the house for them to find – they had a blast.



We went to mass to celebrate our risen Lord- it was a beautiful celebration of Christ.  The kids were a little hyped up on candy but they did ok considering.  Then we went over to Steve’s parent’s house for more Easter fun.  Grandma Eco even heated up the pool so they could go for a swim!


Ty found the golden egg which had $20 in it!  He knew how much MJ wanted to find the golden egg so he gave it to his older brother- such a sweet boy.  I tried to insist that he keep it but he refused and said it was for MJ.  (Don’t worry- I plan to sneak $20 into Ty’s wallet at some point)!  

Well…it was a peaceful afternoon until Catelin stepped off the pool stairs and her head went under the water.  I was sitting in a lounge chair right in front of her so I jumped up and ran right into the pool to grab her- yes that meant I went in fully clothed in my Easter dress.  Thank goodness she was perfectly fine but it scared mommy (and apparently baby E #4) to death!  Steve was inside the house and walked out as I was climbing out of the pool with Catelin in my arms.  I was pretty shaken up but then realized how ridiculous I must have looked almost 9 months pregnant soaking wet in a dress.  There were quite a few contractions that followed the ordeal but thankfully after a little rest they stopped.  

It was a beautiful Easter celebrating the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  

Happy Easter to you and yours!