Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Little Yellow Jackets and the Pumpkin Patch

We took the boys to a couple of the recent Tech home games over the past few weeks...  unfortunately, little princess had to stay at home because it is still fairly hot in the afternoons (and our seats are in the sun). 

At our first game, GT played Presbyterian.  Ty was OBSESSED with Buzz – I was glad because it kept him entertained the entire first half.  Any time he was starting to get antsy, we would just look for Buzz and he was mesmerized.  MJ had a great time stuffing himself with all of the “healthy” game food- cotton candy, popcorn, Dippin’ Dots, etc.  The doctor part of me was embarrassed at all of the junk he was eating, but the mom in me just let him have fun. 

We even tailgated as a family before the game:


Ok, so at least I got them to eat a few graham crackers…


MJ loved the music at the beginning:

Steve went on his annual elk hunt (more on that later), so the following weekend my mom and I took the boys to the Tech vs. UVA game.  Granddad got some quality time at home with Catelin.
Grandma and MJ
MJ’s “game face”
Ty loved those Dippin Dots (he also decided to make himself right at home and take his shoes off!)
Catelin hanging at home
Steve was gone for 12 days (yes, I said TWELVE), so we made ourselves super busy with the usual birthday parties, play dates, trips to the park, etc.  We went on a quick overnight trip to my parent’s house this past weekend.  They live about 30 minutes from Burt’s Farm, so we decided to go on our annual trip to the pumpkin patch.  We had a blast!  The boys ran around (we had to keep reminding them NOT to sit or stand on the pumpkins- which is much easier said than done) and Catelin hung out in the Baby Bjorn.  Uncle Eddie was able to join in on all of the fun/chaos as well! 
The hayride was definitely the highlight of the trip:
And, of course, the boys enjoyed riding around in the wheelbarrow…
While it was a long 12 days without hubs, it was well worth it to hear the excitement in his voice when he told me he got one! 

My husband is a bad a#$!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Catelin at 3 Months

My sweet girl is already 3 months old.  As I watch her become more aware of the world around her, I realize that she is not a newborn anymore.  She loves to smile at people, especially when they are talking to her.  I swear she is trying to talk back – she starts cooing and babbling (she is even on the verge of laughing at times)! 

Catelin Bumbo
Smiling at Ty

Catelin is doing really well with her head control, so we started sitting her in the Bumbo  (which she enjoys for a few minutes and then wants to get out).  She will still go in her swing for short periods of time (and may even take a cat nap), but she is starting to grow out of it.  Her favorite chair is the rainforest chair (even though the boys have sat on it so much that it lies almost all the way back)!
Catelin smile
The boys can’t stand it when she is on her playmat alone- they just have to join her!

Catelin is still sleeping like a champ.  About 2 weeks ago, she started getting tired earlier in the evening (she had been going to bed between 9:00 and 9:30), so we decided to start putting her down around 8:15.  On the days that I work, I actually wake her up at 7:00 to nurse her before I leave; the other days she sleeps until somewhere between 7:30 and 8:00.  Last week she broke out of her swaddle twice (and trust me, I had her wrapped tight) – I fear we will be transitioning out of it soon.  Hopefully it will go well!

She loves her brothers and they are equally crazy about her. 

ty kissing catelinMJ kissing Catelin bumbo

Her nursing still isn’t great, so she is getting mostly pumped breast milk and some formula during the day.  In general, she eats about 5-6 ounces every 2.5-3 hours. 

This little girl is the ultimate trooper.  She came with us on all of our trips to the park, zoo, museums, pool, etc. this summer and did great.  Having a baby in June was tough with two toddlers out of school! 

Here are a few pictures from our trip to Lego Land last week:


Mommy and TyMommy MJ


Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Day of School

Ty started preschool!  He is in the Young Two’s class at OLA (you have to be two by the end of December); the class is two days a week for three hours.  MJ is now in the Monday through Friday three year old class at OLA.  He was so excited that Ty was going to school with him (although he was a little upset when I told him that they weren’t going to be in the same class).

Steve took MJ to school on his first day:

MJ first day

I went to work late on Thursday so I could take Ty on his very first day.  Ty was a little grumpy that morning because MJ woke him up early – as you can see, it was tough to get a good picture!

Ty first day

Ty MJty mj 2



When we got to OLA, MJ helped me walk Ty into his classroom.  He looked anxious for a few seconds, but one of his teachers came over and showed him where to put his sippy cup, diapers, and school bag.  Once those things were put away, he ran off to play with his new friends (and cool new classroom toys)!  I was soon forgotten.  Sigh

Ty bag
Ty hanging up his school bag

ty and lucas
Ty with his new buddy Lucas
MJ and I walked over to his classroom where he quickly found his name tag.  After blowing me a kiss goodbye, I was soon forgotten (again).  Sigh.
MJ classroom
I decided to peek back into Ty’s classroom to see if he was missing mommy, and this is what I found:

Ty train

You can’t see the other kids because they were crying in the corner, but not my Ty Ty!  He was as happy as could be playing with a new train (which is apparently much cooler than his mommy).  haha 

Ms. Lisa said that Ty started pouting when she came to pick him up because he wanted to stay!    We will see how long his new found love for school lasts.    :-)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!

steve and julie GT vs. VT 2012
Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech  (Sept 3, 2012)
Twelve years ago, Georgia Tech made the trip up to Blacksburg, Virginia to kick off the season against the Virginia Tech Hokies.  At the time, VT was not yet part of the ACC and Michael Vick was their quarterback.  I also happened to be a junior in college and a cheerleader for the Yellow Jackets.  The campus was beautiful, the atmosphere was electric, and the Jackets were ready to swarm.  I was up in a full extension with my pom-poms shaking and our kicker was in mid stride for kick off when this happened:

VT lightning strike
That’s right.  A lightning strike right outside the stadium.  It was so powerful that it actually blew up Lee Corso’s rental car.  Needless to say, the game was called off….

Twelve years later, Steve and I decided to head back up to Blacksburg to finish what we started.  We took the Bud bus for a quick trip up and back to watch our beloved team. 


The crew- Nick, Steve, me, Jeff, Whitney, Hugh, Matt
Whitney and me- reliving our cheerleading glory days!
Here is some video from the beginning of the game:
All I can say is I wish it had ended differently…It was such an incredible game.  GT scored a touchdown to go up 17-14 with 44 seconds to go.  Unfortunately, that proved to be too much time left on the clock…VT gained enough yards to kick a field goal to tie it up 17-17 as time ran out, and the Jackets lost in overtime 20-17.  It was heartbreaking. 
But…we had a great time and I was thrilled to finally see a game up there.  We will be cheering on the Jackets (and hoping to put some W’s on the board) the rest of the season!