Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!

steve and julie GT vs. VT 2012
Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech  (Sept 3, 2012)
Twelve years ago, Georgia Tech made the trip up to Blacksburg, Virginia to kick off the season against the Virginia Tech Hokies.  At the time, VT was not yet part of the ACC and Michael Vick was their quarterback.  I also happened to be a junior in college and a cheerleader for the Yellow Jackets.  The campus was beautiful, the atmosphere was electric, and the Jackets were ready to swarm.  I was up in a full extension with my pom-poms shaking and our kicker was in mid stride for kick off when this happened:

VT lightning strike
That’s right.  A lightning strike right outside the stadium.  It was so powerful that it actually blew up Lee Corso’s rental car.  Needless to say, the game was called off….

Twelve years later, Steve and I decided to head back up to Blacksburg to finish what we started.  We took the Bud bus for a quick trip up and back to watch our beloved team. 


The crew- Nick, Steve, me, Jeff, Whitney, Hugh, Matt
Whitney and me- reliving our cheerleading glory days!
Here is some video from the beginning of the game:
All I can say is I wish it had ended differently…It was such an incredible game.  GT scored a touchdown to go up 17-14 with 44 seconds to go.  Unfortunately, that proved to be too much time left on the clock…VT gained enough yards to kick a field goal to tie it up 17-17 as time ran out, and the Jackets lost in overtime 20-17.  It was heartbreaking. 
But…we had a great time and I was thrilled to finally see a game up there.  We will be cheering on the Jackets (and hoping to put some W’s on the board) the rest of the season!


  1. you know i'm ready for some football. and really hoping we make it up for a game...maybe homecoming!?

  2. I didn't remember that happening during the VT game when we were in college! Wow, and I also can't believe that was 12 years ago! I kept thinking about ya'll being there, especially with it being such an exciting game. The ending was so so heartbreaking. I'm glad you had a great time!