Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Little Yellow Jackets and the Pumpkin Patch

We took the boys to a couple of the recent Tech home games over the past few weeks...  unfortunately, little princess had to stay at home because it is still fairly hot in the afternoons (and our seats are in the sun). 

At our first game, GT played Presbyterian.  Ty was OBSESSED with Buzz – I was glad because it kept him entertained the entire first half.  Any time he was starting to get antsy, we would just look for Buzz and he was mesmerized.  MJ had a great time stuffing himself with all of the “healthy” game food- cotton candy, popcorn, Dippin’ Dots, etc.  The doctor part of me was embarrassed at all of the junk he was eating, but the mom in me just let him have fun. 

We even tailgated as a family before the game:


Ok, so at least I got them to eat a few graham crackers…


MJ loved the music at the beginning:

Steve went on his annual elk hunt (more on that later), so the following weekend my mom and I took the boys to the Tech vs. UVA game.  Granddad got some quality time at home with Catelin.
Grandma and MJ
MJ’s “game face”
Ty loved those Dippin Dots (he also decided to make himself right at home and take his shoes off!)
Catelin hanging at home
Steve was gone for 12 days (yes, I said TWELVE), so we made ourselves super busy with the usual birthday parties, play dates, trips to the park, etc.  We went on a quick overnight trip to my parent’s house this past weekend.  They live about 30 minutes from Burt’s Farm, so we decided to go on our annual trip to the pumpkin patch.  We had a blast!  The boys ran around (we had to keep reminding them NOT to sit or stand on the pumpkins- which is much easier said than done) and Catelin hung out in the Baby Bjorn.  Uncle Eddie was able to join in on all of the fun/chaos as well! 
The hayride was definitely the highlight of the trip:
And, of course, the boys enjoyed riding around in the wheelbarrow…
While it was a long 12 days without hubs, it was well worth it to hear the excitement in his voice when he told me he got one! 

My husband is a bad a#$!

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