Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ty Turns Two!

Happy birthday, Ty!! 
Ty has been celebrating his second birthday for a week now.  Four of the kids in one of our playgroups turned two within a week of each other, so we had a party for all of them last Wednesday.  They had a great time- and (as you can see below), Ty LOVED the cake!

ty playgroup party
The two year-olds: Zack (in blue), Ty, Vivi (in pink polka dots), and Reese (you can only see her hair in this pic!)

bounce housety cake

Friday was Ty’s actual birthday, so I took the day off of work and we went to the zoo.  It was so nice to have some alone time with him.  He had a ball telling me about all the animals and the sounds they make (especially the lion- ROAR!). 

ty lioncarousel


On Saturday morning, we threw a train-themed birthday party for him in our backyard.  We had a balloon lady (who made almost ANYTHING out of balloons- it was incredible!), a bounce house, tons of bubbles, and homemade playdough.  There were about thirty kids there and everyone had a blast!  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.



My little pirates
Catelin and Ms. Lisa
A kiss for our sweet boy
The Engle side of the family (Ann and Jeff were in from Florida!).  I hate that Catelin missed the picture, but she needed her beauty sleep!
The Economos side

This morning, I went to OLA for Ty’s classroom party - they sang Happy Birthday and ate oreos.  It was adorable.

ty class bday party

Another year has passed, and I can’t believe my precious baby boy is two.  I will do his two year update later, but let’s just say that my nickname for him is “bruiser” – he is one tough cookie. 

Happy two years, my precious Ty Ty.


  1. Happy Birthday precious Ty! I had so much fun celebrating on Saturday. You did such a good job. Everything was so fun and so cute. I had no idea the play-doh was homemade! We had a lot of fun with it. :) How did you make it? Is there a recipe you can send me?

  2. Happy birthday, sweet baby boy! (He will always be a baby boy.)