Monday, October 22, 2012

Tampa Trip


Go Bucs!
A little over a week ago, we went to Tampa to watch the Bucs play the Kansas City Chiefs.  As most of you know, Steve’s brother Andrew is the long snapper for the Buccaneers.  Steve and I decided to only take MJ on this trip – it was going to be too hot for Catelin and Ty is still a little too young to sit through an entire game (and we were  determined to stay until the end!).
We flew out Saturday morning- MJ was just as excited about the massage chair in the airport atrium as he was about going on the plane!
MJ airport

We spent Saturday getting some sun at the pool and catching up with Andrew and Leah… Mike and Lee were also down for the weekend!  Sunday morning, we dressed up in our Bucs gear and headed to the game. 

MJ and Leah
MJ and Aunt Leah
Mj, Mike, Steve
Steve, MJ, and Uncle Mike
Andrew was able to get us passes to go onto the field before the game.  It was such a special treat- especially for MJ (who was enamored the whole time)!  He got to meet a few of the NFL players and even wore Andrew’s helmet!

Steve, MJ fieldMe, MJ field

Economos EntourageMJ Andrew

snappingsteve and andrew

Those guys look big on t.v., but they are even bigger in person!

MJ had his usual unhealthy food/snacks at the game and had a blast.  The Bucs won 38-10 – YAY! 

Cotton candy!

MJ, Mike, Lee, and Leah
Mj Lee
A big kiss for Aunt Lee

I almost felt guilty about leaving Ty and Catelin at home – but they had a ball while we were gone!  Ms. Lisa watched them Saturday and my parents watched them Sunday and Monday (thank you!). 
They saw Cee Lo Green at our local waffle house on Saturday morning:
cee lo green

Ty went to the pumpkin patch with cousin James:

Ty and JamesTy horse

They went on trips to the park and Hippo Hop and Ty even helped fix things around the house with Granddad!

CatelinTy ladder

Ty parkTy hippo hop

And, of course, Ty enjoyed his decaf latte from Starbucks

Ty latteYum- thanks Grandma and Granddad!


  1. Looks like everyone had a good time in Tampa. What fun!
    Keep up the good blog.

  2. Looks like so much fun! I would LOVE to be on the field before an NFL game, I can't imagine what fun it was for a little boy! I know MJ had a blast! I can't believe Catelin and Ty saw Cee Lo Green while you were gone. Was this the Waffle House at Peachtree and Dresden? I am thinking it does not look like it....