Sunday, October 28, 2012

Birthday Weekend

My birthday was last Friday (yep, I turned 32)!   My wonderful husband sent a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to me at work while Tammy and Tasha (my incredible medical assistants) decorated our entire pod with balloons and banners in GT colors.

Birthday Flowers

Clinic door

When I finished seeing patients, I came home to my beautiful family. 
family bday 2 (1)

Eddie even stopped by to bring me a card and some delicious homemade cupcakes (that he baked himself!)  The boys dug into them while Steve and I went to dinner.

Ty cupcake

me and hubs

Hubs and I headed out to Decatur and got drinks at a place called Leon’s – I had a yummy cocktail of rum, apples, and salted caramel.  We then walked over to Two Four Six for dinner.  When we got there, Steve told me we were going to sit at the Chef’s table… an intimate tabletop that overlooks the kitchen.  They serve a 5 course meal and don’t tell you what you are going to eat until they present it to you. I am a fairly picky eater so I was a little nervous about it at first, but let me just tell you that it was probably the best meal I have had in Atlanta.  Each course was incredible!  Here is a picture of the hazelnut cake:


On Saturday morning, Elizabeth (my dear friend and running partner) came over and we drove up to Chattanooga for the Seven Bridges Marathon. 

chattanooga bridges

As soon as we arrived, we went to the expo and got our race packets.  After a series of mishaps (including one that involved a miscommunication between myself and the reservationist at the hotel – LONG. STORY.), we drove back down to Calhoun to spend the night with Mike and Lee (thanks again for letting us crash at your place)!  That meant that we had to get up extra early to drive back up to Chattanooga for the race.  Elizabeth (who had surgery back in July) was cleared to run the half marathon while I ran the full. 

Miles 10-18 were a little boring because that section was mostly roads/highways, but the rest was was very pretty- we ran over seven bridges (hence the name) and through a few beautiful parks.  The trees were just gorgeous with the leaves changing color.  I was so happy to be back into marathon mode after baby #3! 

Me and Liz
Me and Liz
After the race, we jumped in the car and drove home.  The kids were very proud of mommy and wanted to wear their medals too!
Mommy and kids

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  1. Awwww! Happy Birthday, Jules! I enlarged the pictures and was so excited to see that FINALLY you have a baby that doesn't look EXACTLY like Steve! Catelin has your sweet little button nose. Congrats on the marathon. You're so bad ass. Oh yeah! Got to have lunch with Christina P. on a whim last week while we both attended a regional SHM meeting. She's almost 20 weeks with #2. Isn't God great?

    Miss you so much! Hugs!