Sunday, April 10, 2016

Our Sweet Ty Ty

We got news early last month from Ty's teacher that he was the winner of the St. Peter Chanel award for his class this quarter.  This is the most prestigious award at his school and celebrates "outstanding Christian behavior."  Steve and I were so happy for him, but we had to keep it a secret until the day of the ceremony. 

It just so happened that Archbishop Gregory was celebrating the school-wide mass that day, so Steve and I were easily able to explain why we were taking time off of work to join MJ and Ty at church. 

The mass was beautiful - it was such a joy to watch the whole school participate in the songs and really listen to the different parts of mass.  I need one of the Pre-K teachers to show me how they get all of those 4 and 5 year olds to sit still the whole time!  :) 

Right before they announced the awards, Steve leaned over to MJ to tell him that Ty was winning for his Pre-K class.  I wish I had a picture of the genuine look of pride on his face for his little brother.  It was truly special.  MJ has won this award twice, so we told him what a good example he has been for Ty (and his other siblings)! 

When they announced Ty's name, the look of surprise and joy on his face was priceless.  He leaned over to me and whispered "yes!" then did a subtle fist pump before walking up front to get his award. 

MJ read the certificate to Ty when we got back to our seats...

 Ty - we are so proud of you!  Congratulations, precious boy.  You are truly an amazing person.  You are sweet, you are kind, and you bring joy to everyone around you.  Always let your light shine...

 We love you!
Mommy and Daddy

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Santa is a Georgia Tech Fan!

I love taking the kids to see Santa every year.  This was our 5th year visiting the coveted Santa at Phipps- you know, the one you have to book 3 months in advance?!  I was hoping this would be "our year" since Jake is too young to be afraid of Santa and Catelin and the boys are old enough to willingly sit in his lap!  (Last year CL made us get in the picture with her!)

Steve had a last minute business trip that evening and there was no way for me to reschedule.  Thankfully, Ms. Lisa offered to come with us!   

The kids made there lists....

Then we waited patiently for our turn.

Catelin got right up in Santa's lap while MJ and Ty stood beside him.  The last step was putting Jake on his other knee... And - wait for it.... 



The photographer got a picture of ALL four of them looking at the camera!  I couldn't believe it. 

After the pictures, Santa read their Christmas lists - he went through Jake, Ty and Catelin's, and then it was time for MJ's.  Apparently Santa is a fan of the red and black team (the one we don't talk about in our house).  So, when he got down to MJ's last request- a Georgia TECH football helmet - he started asking one too many questions...

 "Does this say Georgia football helmet?" asks Santa

 MJ replies (while pointing very clearly at his list), "NO!  It says Georgia TECH football helmet!"!!

 "You mean you don't like the Bulldogs?" asks Santa.
Then, he did something that made me throw up in my mouth and crushed my little kids...he actually BARKED!  "Whoof, whoof, whoof"...And this was the result:

Jake starts crying his eyes out, MJ puts his fingers in his ears so he can't hear him anymore, Ty turns away, Catelin jumps down, and I run to grab my screaming baby!!!  Santa was somewhat apologetic - but not enough to make my kids feel better.

I thought the kids were going to be heartbroken for the rest of Christmas season, and then MJ turns to me and says, "Mommy, just so you know, that's NOT the real Santa...the REAL Santa is a Georgia TECH fan!!!"
Me: "I couldn't agree more." 

Merry Christmas! 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

This is such a busy time of year!  We have been having a blast.

MJ, Ty and Catelin all had their Thanksgiving feasts at the exact same time a couple of weeks ago.  Jake was at home with Ms. Lisa while Steve and I tried to figure out the best way to be in 3 places at one time...

We decided to visit MJ first since his party started about 15 minutes before Ty and CL's. 

Then I went up to see Ty's class while Steve went to Catelin's


Catelin got a little upset when daddy was trying to leave so we brought her over to Ty's party after she was done...

The feasts were adorable and we loved seeing them dressed up as pilgrims and Indians!

We spent Thanksgiving with Steve's family.  Great Grandma Alice even flew in!!!   It was great to see her and spend time with everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mystery Reader

At the beginning of the school year, the parents (or grandparents/special guest) of each child get to sign up to be the mystery reader.  On your designated day, you bring your child's favorite book(s) to read and wait outside the classroom.  The whole class has their heads down while you go to the front and sit in the reading chair.  Then, the teacher tells them to put their heads up to see who it is - they are always beyond excited.

Steve and I have taken turns to be mystery reader for MJ and Ty the past few years.  This year was Catelin's first year for this special day (they didn't do it in her two year old class).  Now that MJ can read I thought it would be adorable if he could be her reader.  After coordinating a time with MJ and Catelin's teachers, we had it all set up.

I only told MJ a few days beforehand because he is not great at keeping secrets. ;)  He knows Catelin's favorite book is The Day the Crayons Quit.  If you haven't read it, it is absolutely adorable!! is a little hard to read.  Some of the words are in cursive and the sentences are not always in a straight line which makes it easy to lose your place.  MJ was determined to read it for her.  I told him that I didn't want him to put too much pressure on himself and he could choose another book if he wanted.  Here was his response:

Mommy, I can do it.  This is her very favorite book, and if I don't read it to her she will be so disappointed.  I want to do this for her.

MJ practiced and practiced and I knew he could do it.  He could barely contain his excitement when the day finally came.  After I dropped Catelin off at the preschool, Jake and I walked over to get MJ from the big school.  Then, we sat outside her class and waited.


Catelin was ecstatic when she looked up and saw MJ sitting there!

I sat on the floor next to him trying to hold back tears.  He did an amazing job and read the entire book with ease.  The kids loved the story and were engaged the whole time.

I was one proud mommy.  And she was one happy little girl...