Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mystery Reader

At the beginning of the school year, the parents (or grandparents/special guest) of each child get to sign up to be the mystery reader.  On your designated day, you bring your child's favorite book(s) to read and wait outside the classroom.  The whole class has their heads down while you go to the front and sit in the reading chair.  Then, the teacher tells them to put their heads up to see who it is - they are always beyond excited.

Steve and I have taken turns to be mystery reader for MJ and Ty the past few years.  This year was Catelin's first year for this special day (they didn't do it in her two year old class).  Now that MJ can read I thought it would be adorable if he could be her reader.  After coordinating a time with MJ and Catelin's teachers, we had it all set up.

I only told MJ a few days beforehand because he is not great at keeping secrets. ;)  He knows Catelin's favorite book is The Day the Crayons Quit.  If you haven't read it, it is absolutely adorable!! is a little hard to read.  Some of the words are in cursive and the sentences are not always in a straight line which makes it easy to lose your place.  MJ was determined to read it for her.  I told him that I didn't want him to put too much pressure on himself and he could choose another book if he wanted.  Here was his response:

Mommy, I can do it.  This is her very favorite book, and if I don't read it to her she will be so disappointed.  I want to do this for her.

MJ practiced and practiced and I knew he could do it.  He could barely contain his excitement when the day finally came.  After I dropped Catelin off at the preschool, Jake and I walked over to get MJ from the big school.  Then, we sat outside her class and waited.


Catelin was ecstatic when she looked up and saw MJ sitting there!

I sat on the floor next to him trying to hold back tears.  He did an amazing job and read the entire book with ease.  The kids loved the story and were engaged the whole time.

I was one proud mommy.  And she was one happy little girl...

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  1. I got choked up reading that post, Jules! Sweet him for Hannah. xoxo