Monday, November 16, 2015


MJ (talking to my friend last weekend):  Ms. Melissa, did you know my birthday is on Thursday?
Melissa:  I sure did.  Are you excited?
MJ:  Yes I am.  My mom is going to cry, you know.  She always cries on my birthday.  :)

It's true.  My sweet boy knows that every year I can't help but cry on his birthday.  Last year he asked me about it...

MJ: Mommy, why do you cry on my birthday?

Me: Because you are my first baby.  And in a way your birthday is my birthday too.

MJ: What do you mean?

Me: The day you were born is the first day I became a mommy.  So, every year, I am reminded of that very special day. ..the day you gave me the best gift I have ever received- the love a mother has for her child.  I am so proud of the little boy you have become but sometimes it's hard for me to see how quickly you are growing up!

MJ: Don't worry mommy, I will always be your baby.

And now that little baby is SEVEN.  He is reading, writing, doing basic math, and has (as of last Friday) lost SIX teeth!  He is really growing up...

His birthday was on a Thursday so I left work a little early to go celebrate at school with him.  And Daddy was able to surprise him as well!

MJ really loved his birthday treat (we did fruit and cheese kabobs again per his request!). 
I tried to get a picture of MJ with daddy but then the photo-bombing began!  haha :)

 MJ wanted to do another slumber party for his birthday this year- his guest list grew and I finally had to limit him to inviting 8 boys (10 total including MJ and Ty).  It rained the night of his party so we had to cancel the bounce house but they didn't seem to mind- they had a blast together!

MJ wanted a Minecraft themed party so Steve made these signs and they were a huge hit.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a Minecraft cake so we settled on Transformers instead.

Mr. Mike Fennelly told "ghost stories" and they were all mesmerized...

After running around like crazy for a few hours, they all settled down to watch a movie and eat some popcorn.

Then it was time for bed -- it took about an hour for all of them to finally fall asleep but they did!  And they were quiet until 7:00 AM (which I considered a victory since last year they were up at 5:45!).

They all requested donuts for breakfast - nothing like a sugar rush first thing in the morning!

It was a great party with great boys.

Happy 7th birthday to my first and forever baby.  I love you to infinity and beyond, sweet boy.

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