Monday, July 27, 2015


We had a wonderful trip to Grandma and Grandpa Eco's ranch in Colorado over Fourth of July.  We booked the trip months ago with plans to take the whole family (including Jacob of course!).  My pediatrician thought he would be fine with the altitude but the more I read about it the more nervous I became - most experts agree it is safer to take babies to higher altitudes when they are 3 months of age (Jake was only 2 months at the time).  That coupled with the fact that the ranch is in the middle of nowhere was enough for us to change our plans a few weeks before we left.  I decided to cut my trip short and go from Thursday to Monday (instead of Thursday to Thursday) so I could get back to my little man (Ms. Lisa was kind enough to watch him during the time I was gone) while Steve and the "big kids" stayed until Thursday.  
MJ, Ty and Catelin did great on the trip out there - they have become very good travelers (especially since we let them play with the iPads on the plane!).  Once we were at the ranch exploring time began!  I love how much our kids love the outdoors...our trips to Colorado are heaven for them.  They love four wheeling, hiking, fishing, and exploring.   I'll let the pictures do the talking... 
 Fishing down at Lake Colleen:

Catelin being adorable:


The boys "glassing":

The ranch:

Four wheeling:

Yellow Jacket Ranch (their next door neighbors):

At the rodeo in Meeker:


Heading over to Mike Mitchell's ranch:


Hanging out on the porch:


More fishing:

Ty being silly:
I missed Jake like crazy but it was nice to be able to have some time to focus on MJ, Ty and Catelin.  My flight was delayed out of Hayden Monday morning and I missed my flight from Denver to Atlanta (after SPRINTING 54 gates down the airport terminal).  I could actually see the plane but they had already closed the doors.  I was devastated so I did what any sweet lover would do (after I cried and cried and cried):
Somehow I made it on the next flight out of Denver even though I was third in line on standby.  I was beyond happy!!  Unfortunately my bags didn't make the flight but they delivered them to me the next day.  I was so glad to be home with little man - and I got three days alone with him!  There was a lot of snuggling involved. 
And he told me he had fun with Ms. Lisa while I was gone :)



Steve was on his own with MJ, Ty and Catelin for the trip back and they did great!  They almost missed the flight out of Denver due to another delay in Hayden - I would have paid to see all of them sprinting all the way down the terminal!  Thankfully they made it.  :)  Jake and I were so happy to pick them up at the airport - they didn't stop kissing and hugging little man for 24 hours!