Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Father's Day in Sea Island

Father's Day - June 21, 2015
Steve had a meeting in Sea Island over Father's Day weekend so we all decided to tag along.  It was a wonderful trip - we stayed at the Cloister from Saturday to Wednesday.  All of the kids had a blast and enjoyed lots of time in the pool and on the beach! 
Jacob was a trooper as usual - he slept almost the entire car ride down there, only waking up for feedings.  Apparently he loved the beach as much as we did- he slept for TEN straight hours the first two nights we were there!  I am so glad he didn't mind being in the pack and play.  :)

We gave Steve all of his gifts prior to leaving on Saturday.  He got a personalized bar mat for the bar downstairs, some new hunting gear, and of course an updated DAD that there are four kids I made it a DADDY frame with all 4 of them in the Y picture.

On Sunday we celebrated Steve by having a nice brunch at the hotel followed by a very busy day going from the pool to the beach, from the beach to the pool!  It was perfect.

Steve had meetings for most mornings and some afternoons Monday through Wednesday.  They also had evening events that we brought the kids to...well, the first night we brought them they were angels... 
The second night, however, was a whole different story!  We got to the event and MJ and Ty immediately ran to the nearest tree and started to climb it (they were definitely not supposed to be doing that).  I quickly got them down and then they started walking along the ledge of this really nice water fountain.  After telling them repeatedly to get down, the next thing I know I look over and Ty is waist deep in the fountain.  Apparently he was traversing from one side to the other and fell in.  AHHHH!!  And of course I was wearing a WHITE shirt.  So as I rush to help him I try not to press his entire wet body on me for fear of my shirt going from white to see-through!  As I am tending to the scrape on Ty's leg, Steve comes over and MJ takes a flying leap off of the fountain and onto Steve's back, spilling his beer all over my arm.  AHHHH!  Honestly, at that point it was just comical (I really wish I had taken a picture).  I took them back to the hotel room so our sitter, Lisa, could watch them the rest of the evening and I could go back and have a glass of wine!  :)  Needless to say, we did not take them to the event the third night!
Jake- you are never going to give mommy trouble like that are you?!  haha

It just so happened that one of my dearest friends, Lindsey, and her family were down in Sea Island at the same time we were there.  MJ, Ty, Catelin and Jake loved spending time with her adorable kids, Hannah and Joseph.  Lindsey also happens to be Jake's Godmother so she got some cuddle time with him (and he LOVED it)!...

Here are a few more pictures...


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