Saturday, September 13, 2014

First Day of Preschool

Can you believe that Catelin started preschool last week?!  She is in the Tuesday/Thursday 2 year old class at the same school as Ty (who is in the Monday-Friday 3 year old class).  We had a meet and greet at the end of August and she did great- she barely even noticed that I was running back and forth between her and Ty’s classrooms.  I was nervous about her first day but she was very excited to show off her school bag and take pictures.





Please note that the above pictures were taken on Catelin’s first (and Ty’s second) day of school…Ty was not as cooperative the day before…


When we got to school, Catelin jumped out of the car and chased Ty to the doors.


She hung up her school bag, put her sippy cup in the basket and followed the teacher into her classroom – I saw my opportunity to leave so I jetted out of there without her noticing.  I wish I could say that the next few days went that smoothly, but now that she understands I’m leaving she cries at drop off.  The teachers say she is perfectly fine and stops crying as soon as I’m out of the door so hopefully the tears will stop soon!   Oh, and we are “banned” from being first in the carpool line at pick up because if she sees the car when the preschool doors open she cries and jumps over all of the other kids to get to us!  Yikes!  I guess we will be walking to the door to pick her up the next few weeks.  :)

When the boys were in school this past Monday I took Catelin for a special treat – her first “pedicure”"  They really just painted her toes but she LOVED it (and even picked out her own polish)!



Yay Catelin!!

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  1. Awwww. Love the pedi pics! The first of many, I'm sure. :)