Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sports Fans!

We took the kids to the Georgia Tech season opener against Wofford at the end of August.  They had a blast even though it was extremely hot.  We only lasted about an hour (mostly because I was complaining about the heat!) but it was still a lot of fun.



A couple of weeks before the game…

MJ: Mommy I just can’t wait to go to the Georgia Tech game!

Me: Awww honey, that really warms my heart.  I am so glad you like going.

MJ: Yes, I love it!  I am so excited to get Dippin’ Dots!

Side note: MJ still thinks that Bobby Dodd Stadium is the only place you can get Dippin’ Dots…I am sure he will figure it out some day!

Ty and MJ are both playing soccer this fall.  Ty is “playing up” with the Pre-K team at school – since he is the youngest player he was pretty overwhelmed the first day but now he loves it!


MJ is playing on the Kindergarten team – there is such a difference between last year and now.  They practice one night during the week and play a one hour game on Saturdays.  The kids have really stepped up their game and it has been a lot of fun to watch!

One of the mom’s on MJ’s team is a professional photographer- check out some of these amazing action photos...


MJ also decided to try flag football this year.  He is the youngest kid on the team (everyone else is 6 or 7) but he loves it.  They play one night a week and have a thirty minute practice followed by a 50 minute game that consists of two 25 minute halves and a 10 minute half time when the adorable cheerleaders perform!  Too. Cute.

On the first day of practice when MJ was the center he snapped the ball instead of hiking it to the quarterback and took everyone by surprise!  Of course I was on the sideline dying laughing while trying to explain to him NOT to long snap the ball like Uncle Andrew but to simply hand it to the QB from in between his legs.  Everyone thought it was hilarious.


In the first video above you see MJ running straight through/into their defense.  On the play before he ran east-west so Steve and I told him to run straight ahead then next time…well, he sure did!  And he got about 5 yards doing it!
Go MJ!

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