Monday, September 1, 2014

Ty’s Top Ten

I decided to do a post all about Ty Ty – what I love about him, what he’s up to, fun facts, etc.  So, here goes:

1. Ty has an infectious laugh

I could listen to him laugh all day every day.  He has that kind of laugh where you just can’t help but join him.  ADORABLE.

2. He and MJ sleep in the same bed. 

They have bunk beds in their room.  Ty sleeps in his bottom bunk when MJ isn’t there (which essentially means he only sleeps there on the days he takes afternoon naps).  He and MJ both prefer to sleep in the top bunk together.  I snapped this photo of them the other night.


3. Ty is an incredible swimmer. 

He’s a little fish.  He has been able to swim across a pool since he was 18 months old so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised!  He started jumping off the diving board this summer and loves it.  He also started diving for the diving sticks and can finally get them. 

4. Naked boy! 

Ty loves to be naked - most days he is down to wearing his underwear by 4:00.  I’m not really sure where this came from but the kid can’t stand to keep all of his clothes on.  He started taking his shorts off and hiding them under the sink in the bathroom every afternoon just after nap time.  Thank goodness he usually keeps his undies on!  That is except for when he decided to take his bathing suit off while in the ocean at Destin.  I was laughing so hard I had to make Steve go get him.  sigh.


5.  He is adventurous.

The kid loves the outdoors.  He is always asking when we are going to go back down to the “property” (our hunting cabin just south of Griffin) or out to Colorado.  Whether it’s exploring, fishing, hiking, four wheeling – he just can’t get enough.


Ty fishing

6. I love the way Ty shows people the numbers “2” and “3” with his hands.

ty's 2Ty's 3

7. He gives the best “bear squeeze”

Without a doubt, his bear hugs are the best.  He gives a huge embrace that is firm but also full of love.  He hugs like he means it. 

8.  Ipad Obsession.

Ty is currently obsessed with the iPad- he loves playing the hunting game, any exploring game that involves animals or dinosaurs as well as doing puzzles.  We give both he and MJ about 30 minutes on “their” iPads before they go to bed most nights, but he would use it a lot more if we let him.
And when he asks if he can use it, he does it in the most adorable voice:

9. Gumby

Do you remember Gumby?  Well, Ty is almost just as flexible – it’s crazy!  Even in my college cheerleading days I couldn’t do some of these moves…

ty flexible 1ty flexible 2

10. He’s a protective older brother

He is always watching out for Catelin to make sure she’s ok and no one is threatening her.  I already feel bad for her future boyfriends!  They will have to pass the Ty (and MJ and Daddy) test(s)! 

ty big bro


He still LOVES the Waffle House!!

ty waffle


  1. TyTy, I love the Waffle House, too. So there. And as a fellow "middle" -- don't tell your siblings this but us middle kids are actually the most awesome. It's a very well hidden secret that I'm letting you in on. Shhhhh. Keep that between us middles.

  2. Love this post. So precious! That picture of him and MJ sleeping in the same bed..... priceless. And him taking off his swim trunks in the ocean?!! Hilarious!