Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

MJ has been dying to lose a tooth for over a year now.  About a month ago he noticed he had a loose tooth which I was able to confirm for the first time (he had “made up” loose teeth before this one).  Every day he made either Steve or me wiggle the tooth to determine if it was ready to come out.  Last Saturday I had a girls day/night planned with some of my college girl friends- we couldn’t believe we found a date where everyone was in town and available - and before I left I wiggled his tooth to make sure it wasn’t going to come out the one night I would be away from him.  After confirming that I thought there was another week left before it would come out, I left for the hotel.  Less than an hour later I got a face time call from Colleen and MJ appeared with one less tooth!  AAAHHHH!  Apparently he bit into a chicken nugget and it came right out.  The tooth fairy came that night and left $2 for MJ which he couldn’t wait to show me upon my return.  YAY MJ!

(bottom middle right)
And don’t worry, the girls and I had a blast!!!!  We hung out by the pool all day, went to get our hair done and then had dinner and drinks at a cool restaurant in midtown.  We even stayed up passed 1:00 (which frankly none of us moms thought we could do any more)!  It was so fun.

Here we are at the hair place (she made my hair a little poofy for my taste, but at least it was different than my normal straight hair!).


And here are a few from Empire State South:



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