Tuesday, August 19, 2014

MJ’s First Day of Kindergarten!


MJ started school last week- it’s hard for me to grasp that my “baby” boy is actually a Kindergartner!

On Monday we had orientation at the school – he was a little tearful when we were going through all of the activities in the gym but once we got inside his classroom he was fine.  He was able to see a lot of his old friends and meet some of the new kids in his class.  We also had a meeting with all of the kindergarten teachers, the administration and the school nurses regarding his diabetes action plan.

On Tuesday he had an assessment where the teachers got to spend 30 minutes with each child to determine their needs, see where they are in terms of comprehension and communication, etc.  MJ had a great time at the assessment and told me that he loves his new teachers.

Thursday was his first full day of school.  MJ woke up in a great mood and any nerves he had earlier in the week had completely disappeared.  He was even excited to pose for the pictures!!


And yes, the bookbag is almost as big as he is!  We had to get the larger size to fit his lunch box, uniform sweatshirt, books, etc.  I gave him the Pottery Barn catalog a few weeks ago and let him pick out which pattern he wanted- I swear he picked the ugliest one out of the whole group!  But he loves animals, so tigers it is. 

I love this picture of Daddy with his biggest boy…


And MJ was sure to give Mommy some extra hugs and kisses that morning (I know he sensed I was emotional):


Proud parents:

And off we went.  Once we pulled up to carpool I could feel the tears starting rise but MJ gave me a big hug before getting out the car.  “It’s ok mommy,  I’m going to have a great day and I’ll see you when you get home.”   He jumped out and started running toward the gym, his backpack bouncing up and down, and suddenly dropped his lunch box.  I watched as he ran back to get it and looked up at me – when our eyes met he blew me a huge kiss, letting me know he was going to be ok before disappearing through the doors. 

There goes my Kindergartner.

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  1. Girl. I know you were a mess! I CANNOT believe he is old enough for kindergarten. Jules!!!!