Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Destin Trip

We went down to Destin for one last vacation before MJ starts Kindergarten!  It was so nice - just our family of 5 - hanging out at the beach and enjoying the ocean (and the pool)!  The water was perfect as there was very little undertow and the waves weren't too rough.  All of the kids just loved it.  I didn't get too many pictures since Steve and I were in the water with them the majority of the time, but here are a few...


We even made it to the Donut Hole for the first time at MJ's request.  He definitely needed a little extra insulin after that breakfast!  It was delicious.  :)

Two years ago Steve started the tradition of taking MJ to Fat Daddy's Pizza one afternoon during our stay.  This year Ty joined them (I was at the condo while Catelin napped) and of course they had a ball!  MJ came back with a stuffed animal seal (what a surprise) while Ty won a long snake- just what we needed.  :)

The last night I was able to talk everyone into going down to the beach for some pictures...


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  1. Observations from this post:
    1. MJ is mini-Steve
    2. Destin and the panhandle rules
    3. Your flat abs are complete beast mode and insane.
    4. The big donut hole pic is my fave.
    5. Second have is the one with you holding MJ
    6. Smooches to TyTy because I'm a middle child, too.
    7. So glad you're all doing so well.
    8. I miss you and need to see you.
    9. Kindergarten? SHUT. UP.
    10. Just felt like I needed to get to ten. :)