Tuesday, February 1, 2011

To Grandmother's House We Go

"This coffee is delicious, mommy!"

Don't worry, it was decaf! This was a busy week for the boys. Between the Fernbank Museum, preschool, Spanish classes, and lunches with mommy and their grandparents, they were exhausted! Steve had a boys golf outing and night out up at Lake Lanier, so MJ, Ty, and I decided to hitch a ride and stay at my parent's house Saturday night. We had so much fun, and MJ thoroughly enjoyed his grown up breakfast Sunday morning.

Grandma and boys

Ty on the way home - Do Not Disturb!

Our nanny, Lisa, takes MJ and Ty on a ton of field trips. Here is MJ "catching a fish" at Fernbank last week.
"I got one!"

MJ is almost 27 months now and has become such a little boy. I can't believe how well he communicates! Here is a recent conversation between MJ and Steve over the phone (Steve was out of town for the evening)
MJ: Are you at work, daddy?
Steve: Yeah, bud. I'm at work.
MJ: Why don't you come on over to our house? We can get cozy and watch a movie together.
Steve: I wish I could, but I won't be home until tomorrow.
MJ: Tomorrow?? Oh, no! I want to see my daddy TONIGHT!
Steve: I do too, buddy. I promise we will spend a lot of time together tomorrow.
MJ: Ok (pouty face). I love you, daddy. Bye Bye (as he blows a kiss to the phone).

MJ says his prayers every evening (Now I lay me down to sleep), and he thanks Jesus for "mommy, daddy, and baby Ty Ty - our whole family!" It is way too cute.

Ty turns 4 months on Saturday - stay tuned for the update!


  1. Oh my goodness, this is so precious!

  2. adorable!!! they are both so cute - and your nanny sounds WONDERFUL. how blessed you are!