Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ty at 8 Months- Clapping and (almost) Crawling!

I'm thinking about it, mommy

-You haven't quite figured out how to crawl yet, but you are VERY close.

I'm really thinking about it :)

-You love to be outside

-You like your exersaucer, jumperoo, and teething toys

-You enjoy sitting on the floor surrounded by toys so you can pick them up (and put them one by one in your mouth)

-You have 4 teeth

-You are in stage 3 diapers

-You eat stage 2 baby foods, but your favorites are Ms. Lisa's homemade mixtures - blueberry/pear, mango/strawberry and sweet potatoes with anything

-You eat 5-6 jars of baby food and 24-30 ounces of formula daily

-You sleep 11-12 hours each night and take 2 (1.5-2 hour) naps during the day

-You learned how to clap a few weeks ago, and you LOVE to play pat-a-cake

MJ with "girlfriend" Mia Lorimer

-Your brother continues to be a ladies man

-You love your daddy

-You have a blast splashing MJ in the bath every night

-You are THE happiest, sweetest baby. I love you, Ty Ty.


  1. Ahhh, Ty is SO SO SO precious- and MJ is too of course! We have to get together again! On another note, 5-6 jars of baby food AND 24-30 ounces of milk? I thought I wouldn't have to produce as much milk once Emma started eating food... guess I was mistaken!