Sunday, March 11, 2012

March Fun

Just a few random pictures and videos from the past couple of weeks….

If you haven’t noticed, we love the zoo…we actually have an annual pass because the boys love it so much.  Uncle Eddie was on spring break from law school last week, so he joined us for a day of fun with the animals. 

Eddie and boys at zooeddie tigerEddie and ty

MJ had his first trip to the dentist last week- kids are actually supposed to go around 2.5 years of age, but I have been putting it off (I was afraid of what might happen when someone else put their hands in his mouth!).  Much to my surprise, it went pretty well.  MJ wouldn’t lie down in the chair, but the dental assistant was able to clean his teeth while he sat on my lap.  He even volunteered to open his mouth wide for Dr. N so he could count all of his teeth!  This was the only picture I could get (since MJ didn’t get off of my lap the entire time).

MJ first trip to dentist

I got my new car about 2 weeks ago- the Expedition EL (Extra Long- meaning more trunk space).  I absolutely love it (even though it makes me look miniature!)  Here is MJ enjoying the DVD player ….

MJ in my new carcar 2  car 1

Ms. Lisa often takes little videos of the boys- below is Ty having fun with a shopping bag (why do we even buy toys?!) as well as Ty trying to put on his socks and shoes (it was a good effort)!

MJ with his favorite cow...

mj with chick fil a cow

Chick-fil-A is our favorite!!

And here is what happens when you leave a 3 year old within reach of his Halloween costume during nap time....

That is one tired Spiderman!

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