Sunday, August 5, 2012

Destin Trip

Kids sand
We love the beach!

Steve and I took the kids on a 5 day trip to Destin last week.  Although this was probably the least relaxing vacation we have ever had, it was also one of the most fun.  We got down there Friday afternoon and went straight to the beach.  After we set up the sun tent, the boys headed into the ocean while I hung back with Catelin.  She loved the sound of the waves and was quite content sitting in her little chair.  MJ and Ty had a blast swimming in the ocean…however, MJ is not the biggest fan of sand.  He does not like wet sand on his hands, so building a sand castle was next to impossible (he kept running up to the outside shower to wash his hands off)- I swear it took an hour just to build one wall!  Ty (not suprisingly) embraced it and had a great time building and smashing our sand creations.

kids in tent

We spent all of the mornings out on the beach, came back in for lunch and naps, and headed back out in the evenings.  Steve and I took turns taking the boys “from the beach to the pool, from the pool to the beach.” (our motto for the trip).  One morning I think Steve ran back and forth with them atleast 10 times!    Again, it was fun but definitely not relaxing!  :)


all boys oceanCatlin tent


catelin in chairty sand castle

I am not sure what year Steve and I started this tradition (I think it was when we went to Australia and New Zealand in 2007), but we always get pizza the last night of our vacation.  We usually try to take it out to the beach and eat it there, but we knew that would be a disaster with all of the kids.  So, we enjoyed our pizza out on the balcony overlooking the beach. 

pizza night

Fun in the condo:

kids condomommy and Catelin

Our last evening out on the beach:

boys hands 2
Brotherly love

ty chasing birds
Ty chasing the seagulls

ty chasing MJ
Ty chasing MJ

catelin in arms
Our little princess

Andrew and Leah came into town two weeks ago to meet Catelin – it was great to see them!

Andrew, Leah, CatelinA, L and boys

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