Sunday, August 18, 2013

MJ’s first day of Pre-K


MJ started Pre-K at the “big school” last week.  On Monday, we had a meet and greet with the teachers; he had so much fun finding his cubby and becoming familiar with the classroom.  And he is very excited that Mia, one of his best friends, is in his class!

MJ cubbyMJ and Mia

His first real day of school was Thursday.  We took some pictures with daddy that morning…

Mommy, daddy, MJIMG_3853

I dropped MJ off in morning carpool on my way to work.  I was choking back tears the whole time, but he was excited to start the day.

photo 1photo 2
photo 3

And off he went…and then my tears started flowing.  I am so proud of my biggest boy.  Welcome to Pre-K, MJ. 

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