Wednesday, July 2, 2014


MJ has been cracking me up lately so I thought I’d share some of our recent conversations…

1. MJ the Love Expert

MJ: Mommy, did you know that Santiago (our neighbor) has a girlfriend?

Me: Yes, I did know that

MJ: Do you think they will get married?

Me: Probably not, honey- they are only 10 years old.

MJ: Hmmmm (deep in thought)… Mommy, are you a love expert?

Me: A love expert??  What do you mean?

MJ: Well, you talk about love a lot.  You are always telling daddy, me, Ty and Catelin how much you love us, and you give us lots of hugs and kisses.

Me: (trying not to laugh)…I guess I do talk about love a lot.  I just want you to know how much I love you.  Do you know how much?

MJ:  To infinity and beyond, of course!  And I’m glad that you tell me – it makes me feel special.

Me: Well, I guess I am a love expert then. Smile

2. MJ the Humanitarian.

MJ:  Mommy, do you see that water tower over there?

Me: Yes, honey.  It’s pretty big isn’t it?

MJ: Yeah it is.  That tank is where they store some of our water.  Did you know that they have to clean the water?

Me: Yes I do. 

MJ: Did you know that in parts of China they have dirty water?  Those poor, poor people.  I feel so bad for them.

Me: I know- it’s not good to drink dirty water is it?

MJ: No it’s not at all.  I think we should send them some of our clean water.  What do you think, mom?  Can we start working on that tonight?

Me: Ummmm….let me try to figure something out.  Smile

3. MJ the Animal Guru (AKA mini Steve)

While playing our “animal game” in the car…

MJ: I live out in Colorado.  I’m a big animal with 2 large horns that branch into smaller horns.

Me: You are a mule deer

MJ: Nope, not a mule deer.  Bigger than a mule deer.

Me: You are an elk.

MJ: What kind of elk am I?

Me: What do you mean what kind of elk?  There's more than one kind?

MJ: Oh yeah, there’s the Roosevelt Elk, the Rocky Mountain elk and the Eastern elk.  There might be a couple more. 
Me: How on earth do you know that?  Never mind, I know exactly how you know that (Steve).  Thank you for enlightening me.

MJ: No problem, any time you need help with animals just ask me.  Smile


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