Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cherish these Moments

A recent conversation between MJ and me:
MJ: "Mommy's belly is getting BIG. There's a baby in there."
Me: "Yes, MJ, there is."
MJ: "I want to hold it."
Me: "Well, we can't hold it yet, peanut. We have about a month to go before you can hold the baby."
MJ: "I want to give it a hug and a kiss." (as he proceeds to wrap his arms around my belly and give it a kiss.)
Moments like this I will cherish forever.

We had sad news in my family this past week. My Uncle Bill (my mom's brother) passed away suddenly. As we all struggle with the news, we turn to fond memories of this wonderful man. A man who worked hard, put family first, and had the most infectious laugh I have ever heard. A man who I will always remember as truly happy.

Please keep the Brown family in your thoughts and prayers as we try to cope with the loss of this wonderful man, Uncle Bill.

When something this tragic happens, it reminds all of us to cherish every moment we have with those we love. It is easy to get so busy that we start taking things for granted. As we begin to get ready for the new baby to arrive, I remind myself to enjoy this time. I want MJ to know how very much we have loved this time together, just the three of us, and that the new baby will only add to our joy.

Here are a few pictures of special moments from the past week:

MJ "driving" the Bud bus at the Georgia Tech (vs. NC State) tailgate

I'm so cool, I can drive this thing with one hand

That was a tough loss this week, and I am exhausted!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Jules. Will keep your family in my prayers. I am glad to see that you are reflecting on what really matters: family, health, love, and relationships!

  2. jules - i'm so sorry to hear about uncle bill. a family with a strength and faith like your's knows exactly where he is and can truly cherish the happy memories. love you!
    ps - give that belly a hug from me too.