Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend fun

On Labor Day weekend, we took MJ to the first Georgia Tech home game vs. SC State (Tech won 41-10). I was surprised at how well he did at the game in spite of it being in the middle of his nap time. He saw Buzz across the football field and kept saying "Mommy, I want to hold Buzz!" I told him maybe next time. :)
Here are a few pictures from the game...

I can't believe MJ fits into that jersy now. He got it as a newborn, and I remember thinking that it would be a LONG time before he could wear it!

My dear friend and roommate from college, Carrie, with MJ (look for pics of us at her wedding a few months from now)!

Well...we tried to get him to look at the camera, but this is the best we got.

MJ continues to love preschool, and Grandma Economos took him there one day last week. Here they are getting ready to leave!
Grandma Eco and MJ

The rest of the week was filled with going to birthday parties for family (Steve's brother, Nick, turned 30 this week!) and MJ's friends who turned TWO! It's hard to believe that they are toddlers now.

This weekend has been pretty low key...except that I thought I was going to go into early labor when Tech lost to Kansas on Saturday! What a disappointing loss (to say the least). Well, hopefully we will get our heads back in the game for UNC next week!!


  1. You look great and I think you look cute with the longer bob! MJ looks like he's having a blast at the game--love it! Glad you are feeling so good and having fun. . . .btw I turned 40 last Tues, so yep, it's been a great month for birthdays! :)

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  3. Haha- that Kansas game certainly could have sent any fan into early labor. I was actually at the game- so frustrating! Glad Baby Eco stayed put and that you are continuing to blog. I love following it. You look great! :)