Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of Preschool!

M.J. had his very first day of preschool today. They made the first day a "meet and greet" so that the kids could get acquainted with eachother and the teachers. It was also a chance for them to explore their really cool classroom! Steve and I sat with the other parents as we all got to meet eachother and watch the kids interact. MJ did GREAT! He had a ball with the kids, and he warmed up to the teachers right away. The big test will be dropping him off on Thursday, when he will stay by himself. Hopefully it will go well!

I'm ready for school!

Mommy and Daddy - look at my school bag!

The door of the classroom with MJ's name

MJ playing with Ms. Meredith (one of the teachers)


More coloring!

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