Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ty’s One Year Update and Birthday Party!

My poor little Ty got a nasty stomach bug last week…three days later, we found out that he also had a double ear infection and was cutting his first molar! Needless to say, he had a rough few days with very little eating and drinking. At his one year appointment, he had lost just over a pound from his illness (he was a little over 25 pounds prior to the stomach bug). The good news is that because he is so big, that still put him in the 70th percentile for weight. I think he has put most of the weight back on- he has been eating like a mad man the past couple of days! He is 31.75” tall (95th percentile for height).

Ty bdayFamily 1

grandparentsLee and Mike

Thankfully, we celebrated his first birthday the weekend before with a barn animal themed party at our house complete with a petting zoo and a pony! There were about thirty kids there, and they all had a blast petting the animals and riding the horse. Ty LOVES animals and was right in on all of the action. He had no fear of the pony – he rode it like a champ! MJ had a great time holding the rabbit (aka. Peter Cottontail) and feeding the goats.

ty in farm 2ty in farm

ty pig

Ty horse 1Ty horse 2a

MJ horseboys feeding goatpetting zoo 1

petting zoo 2petting zoo 4jadyn horse

Ty loves to eat, so I was surprised he wasn’t too crazy about his smash cake… he took one lick of it, put his icing filled hands in his hair, and didn’t eat much else (in fact, he kept shaking his head “no” when I tried to give him a bite). It was hilarious! I guess he hasn’t inherited his mommy’s sweet tooth (yet). :)

birthday cake

smash cake 1smash cake 2

At one year:

Ty eats only table foods and is on whole milk. (I am soooo glad to be done with formula!) I think we might have trouble getting him off the bottle, but we are down to ~2 per day (sometimes 3). He is walking and talking more….he will walk from one thing to another and halfway across the room, but that is about it for now. Some of his words are obvious “mama, dada, ball” but most of the time it is a stream of babbles (I’m pretty sure he knows what he is saying, though)!

He continues to love the outdoors, music, books, airplanes, trains, wheels, dancing, playing and laughing (especially at/with his brother).

I think I have said this on all of his monthly updates this year, but he is truly the sweetest, happiest, most easy-going baby. He is always smiling (unless MJ takes one of his toys or he is hungry/tired). These two little boys make me smile every day – I am truly blessed.

last pic- ty is one

Happy one year, sweet baby Ty.

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