Saturday, November 19, 2011

Disney World Day One: Magic Kingdom

magic kingdom

I can’t even begin to express how much fun we had on our Disney World vacation. Every parent dreams of taking their children to this amazing place…I know Steve and I have been talking about it since the day MJ was born. The trip did not disappoint-- it was truly magical.

We arrived at our resort, Saratoga Springs, on Sunday evening. After a quick tour of Downtown Disney, we headed back to the condo to rest up for our first full day. My parents and Steve’s mom joined us on the trip- it was wonderful to have the grandparents there (we missed you, Grandpa John)!

The first day was spent in the Magic Kingdom. I wish you could have seen MJ’s face when we entered the gates – he was excited beyond words. We were greeted by Daisy, Goofy, and Pinocchio; there were carolers on the streets (Disney started celebrating Christmas that week) doing song and dance routines. The boys were smiling from ear to ear.

dumboteacups 3

grandparentsgrandparents castle

We spent the day doing all of the classic rides – Dumbo, teacups, it’s a small world, etc. I was surprised to find that Ty was able to go on almost all of them…he had blast, too! We got little books for the boys so they could get autographs from their favorite characters - MJ and Ty were not afraid of them at all. In fact, Ty walked right up to Winnie the Pooh and gave him a big hug! It was adorable.

Ty hugging pooh

Family and pooh

The boys powered through the day. We were in the park for 9 straight hours- Ty took a quick nap in Granddad’s arms, and then he was ready to go again.

ty asleep 2

MJ loves the Toy Story movies…I was not surprised that his favorite ride was Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. He got to see Buzz and shoot at Zurg!

to infinity

“To infinity and beyond!!!”


It was such a wonderful (albeit exhausting) day. The boys crashed as soon as we got back to the resort. Don’t worry, they woke up refreshed and ready for day two! (post coming soon)!

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