Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ty at 18 Months

It is hard to believe that my little Ty Ty is a year and a half old.  Like most kids his age, he is extremely busy climbing, running, and exploring!
18 months

We had his 18 month check-up last week, and he is doing great!

Stats: My little hoss…Weight: 28 lbs, 13 oz (85%) ; Height: 35” (>95%)

Language: His vocabulary has grown exponentially over the past couple of months, and he learns more every day.  His new favorite words are “cheese” (he says this when he sees me taking a picture of him), “oreo” (please don’t ask me how he learned it- let’s just say he and his brother love cookies), and “choo choo” (in reference to a train).  It amazes me how much he understands.  He knows most of his body parts; his favorites are “pee pee” and “tush” (such a boy)… man, we need some estrogen in this house!  haha

Gross motor skills: He doesn’t like to do anything the “baby” way any more– he prefers the “big kid” way (this often gives mommy mini panic attacks)!  For example, instead of crawling up the gang plank on our swing set, he insisted on walking up it like MJ.  After a few days, he was doing it like a pro! 

gang plank

He is the ultimate climber – any playground, ladder, or piece of furniture is fair game.  I usually don’t think he will make it up his latest conquest, but he proves me wrong almost every time!  He is now trying to walk up and down the stairs, but I make him hold my hand (which he does begrudgingly).


Favorite foods:  Both of my boys love fruit, but I have struggled to get them to eat veggies.  To my surprise, Ty LOVED the squash casserole my mom made for Easter (YAY!).  Since then, I have been able to sneak some warm, cooked veggies into a few of his meals.  He loves eggs, waffles, turkey, chicken, yogurt, and pretty much any snack food.  He is able to eat with a spoon and recently started using a fork. 

cookies with grandmaeating the dough

Personality: He is still my sweet, happy little boy.  Don’t get me wrong, he throws mini tantrums like any toddler when he doesn’t get his way, but these are short-lived.  Any time I raise my voice to scold him or put him in time out, he gets so upset- his little puppy dog eyes look up at me with huge tears in them, and I can’t be mad for long!

ty happy sand

Favorite toys and activities:  Ty loves music and dancing…we have so much fun in his music class every week.  His sports/gymnastics class is also a big hit (not suprisingly)!  He enjoys reading books and going to the library.  As far as toys, his favorites include the train table, balls, and anything he can push. 

gymnastics 1gymnastics 2

I am not a big fan of t.v. at this age, and honestly he doesn’t have the attention span to watch it any way.  However, he does love the Bubble Guppies – he will sit for the entire 20 minutes completely engaged in this adorable, educational show.  I am not going to lie, it is nice to have him still for a few minutes so I can do the dishes and quickly clean up around the house!

Sleeping: 12 hours at night (~8:00pm to 8:00am) and one nap during the day (2:00-4:00).  This is a late nap for him, but I do this so that he and MJ nap at the same time!

We are going to try to move Ty into MJ’s room in a couple of weeks since there is only 1.5 months left until baby #3 arrives.  Please pray that it goes well!

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