Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Who's the Boss?

Another conversation with my 3 year old....

A couple of weeks ago, we were eating at a cute little restaurant out on the beach.  MJ ate the majority of his breakfast, and then decided to start throwing the leftover pieces of waffle on the floor (very close to other patrons).

Me: MJ, please don't throw your waffle on the ground or at other people.

MJ: But mommy, I want to throw the waffle.

Me: No, sir.  You are not allowed.

MJ: But I really want to!

Me: I said no, and I am the boss.

MJ: Mommy, you are not the boss; you're an angel

Me (smiling and trying not to laugh): Ok, bud...just don't throw it at anyone bigger than daddy :)

You have to love that kid. 

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