Sunday, June 17, 2012

Meet Baby Catelin!

Catelin flower
Catherine Linda “Catelin” Economos

Here is how our baby girl came into this world… 

At my 37 week check up, I was 3 cm dilated and the baby was fully engaged, so my OB expected me to deliver any day.  Well, baby #3 apparently had different plans…for the next week and a half, I had contractions constantly.  One day while I was at work they were coming every 5-8 minutes, so when I was finished seeing patients I went to the OB office for a labor check.  I was still 3 cm, and after I went home, the contractions started spreading out into longer intervals.  That was my first hint that baby #3 might be a girl…she was being stubborn and couldn’t make up her mind whether to stay in or come out!!  haha :)

Around 12:45 AM on June 3rd, I started having very painful contractions- they were initially coming every 15 minutes then shortened to 8 minute intervals.  I wanted to wait until they were every 5 minutes before we went in, so I got up to take a shower  and finish packing my hospital bag.  During that time, the contractions shortened to 3-5 minute intervals and Nick came over to watch the boys so Steve and I could head to the hospital. 

It was just before 7:00 AM when we got to Northside.  The nurse checked me and I was 5 cm dilated and in full blown labor.  Shortly thereafter, I got my epidural (thank goodness for anesthesia)!  

steve and julie-epidural

Our families came a couple of hours later.  MJ and Ty did not like that mommy was stuck in a hospital bed hooked up to IVs, so we gave them lollipops and fruit snacks as a special treat.  Here is our last picture as a family of four! 


The labor progressed nicely.  My OB actually drove in after church to deliver the baby -- she was 20 minutes away when I was going to start pushing and asked if I was comfortable enough to wait for her.  Thankfully, the baby was not in any distress and I was able to hold off for Dr. M to arrive- she was even in her Sunday dress and heels!  After Dr. M threw on her scrubs, I pushed 3 times, and baby #3 was born!  I think Steve was in such shock that he paused a second before telling me it was a GIRL!  I couldn’t believe it – I asked them to move the umbilical cord so I could see for myself!  :)     

It’s a GIRL!

Here is a video of Steve announcing the sex of the baby to our families (Ty is running around in the background some where)!  

More pictures of our baby girl:

Right after the delivery with Dr. Middleton

Mommy and catelin
Mommy and Catelin

family of 5
Our first picture as a family of 5!

Catelin bow 1
Sleeping beauty

MJ and his little sister

Big brothers!

We spent the standard 2 days in the hospital…by the end of our stay, I was more than ready to go home and get settled.  Here are a few more pictures of us leaving the hospital:

family going home
catelin going home

I still can’t believe we have a girl! The boys absolutely love their little sister- MJ wants to hold her all of the time, and Ty is constantly giving her kisses. I am surprised (and thrilled) at how quickly they have embraced her as part of our family.  We are truly blessed.


  1. Congratulations!!!!!

    Love the photos and the video. And seriously? Must your belly be flatter than most women just THREE DAYS after having Catelin? Seriously, Jules? LOL!

  2. Congratulations on your precious baby girl!

  3. Jules! I love love love this blog! These pictures are just so sweet and precious, and I know you are loving on Catelin. I can't wait to come visit ya'll and to meet your little princess. Also- I agree with your friend "gradydoctor." You look amazing! Love you!