Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Catelin at 11 Months

It’s hard to believe that we are just a month away from my baby girl turning one! 

Catelin’s personality is growing exponentially …she is more engaging and sweet than ever these days!



-eating.  Unlike her brothers, Catelin is much more of a vegetable than a fruit lover. She likes eating whole green beans and cut up cooked carrots and sweet potatoes. She doesn’t even care if they are cold! She is starting to rebel against the spoon a little bit (much prefers to feed herself).
CL eating
-sleeping.  Still sleeps great – 12 hours at night and 2 naps (usually about 2 hours each) during the day.
-her music class.  She has a blast with all of the instruments and dances right along with the other kids. 
-the jumperoo, the walker, and her toy table
-standing.  She is very strong and can stand for a few seconds on her own.  She is getting more comfortable letting go and sitting back down by herself.
-the boot scootin’ boogy.  Since she doesn’t like to crawl, she now prefers to scoot all over any room on her tush (and she is very fast).  It is hilarious.
-balls.  She will roll the ball back and forth with a partner forever if you let her.
catelin playing balls
-anything with wheels
-cabinets and drawers. Why is it that she can be surrounded by toys but she is more interested in doing this:
-playing with others and copying their movements.  She is so funny- she will turn her head to the side, wave, blink, play peek a boo, and copy almost any noise her partner makes.
-babbling.  She says “bye bye” and “mama” in the right context (but not always reproducible).  She loves to “chat”- and she sure knows what she’s saying! 
-her paci.  The boys never took the pacifier, but she loves it!  And thank goodness for the Booginhead paci clip or I would always be looking for those things!
-CL loves her brothers.  She looks for them from the moment she wakes up in the morning.  It is so sweet.
CL and MJCL and Ty
kids swinging
-crawling.  She is just not a fan.  She can move all around but doesn’t really want to do it the right way. 
Are you calling me stubborn?!
-loud noises.  If she hears someone screaming or anything that makes a loud sound, she gets scared and starts crying.

-teething.  Sweet baby girl got two more teeth this month (bottom sides); she now has 8 teeth!
-constipation.  Sorry if this is TMI, but Lindz I know you can relate.  This has been a problem off and on with all of the new foods she is eating.  1/4 tsp of miralax in her bottle every now and then seems to help.
-diaper rashes.  We have been battling one that flares up off and on for the past few weeks.  There is only one CVS around that sells the Triple Past AF (and they know it because it’s super expensive!), but it seems to be helping.
-being told “no.”  She understands what it means and gets so upset when I say it…
CL no
Catelin- you are beyond precious and we love you to pieces…Happy 11 months, my sweet baby girl.

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