Thursday, June 6, 2013

It’s Time for Summer

MJ and Ty finished school a couple of weeks ago.  They both had such a great year…MJ is going over to the “big school” next year for Pre-K so this was a graduation for him of sorts – it was bittersweet to walk him to class on his last day.  He just loved the preschool (this was his third year there), but I know he is ready to move on. 

MJ’s class:
MJ class

Ty’s class:
Ty class

On the last day of school, they had a “Splash Day” and a petting zoo – Catelin even got to join in on all of the fun…

Splash day CLsplash day ty

petting zoo CL

As you can imagine, now that school is out we are trying to pack in as many activities for the kids as possible!  MJ has quite a few day camps this summer – Ty will join him in a couple of them.  Here is what we’ve been up to…

Of course, the zoo:

CL lionCL merry go round

kids zoo

My mom and Ms. Lisa took the kids to Stone Mountain where my dare-devil 2.5 year old insisted on doing the zip line by himself:

Gma and kidsGma and MJ tram

Ty zip line

ty duck callMJ duck call

Trips to the park:

Ty morgan fallsMJ morgan falls

CL swing

The Splash Pad:

MJ splash pad 2CL splash pad

On Memorial Day weekend, we cooked out with some friends at Steve’s parent’s pool.  It was chaos with all the little ones there, but everyone had a great time.  Since Steve had to work that Monday (as you can imagine that is a very busy day in the beer industry), I took the kiddos to the country club for a swim.  I have never seen it that crowded – and of course I was there by myself.  Thankfully a few of our friends showed up which made it much easier than I anticipated! 

Ty poolMj grilled cheese

CL pool

The boys are currently doing there ISR refresher course, which is 2 weeks long.  Ty was NOT happy about it the first few days (he jumped out of the pool and the instructor had to chase him down one day!).  Thankfully he has settled in this week. 

We are enjoying summer thus far!

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