Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Time for Your Check Up

Catelin had post-op appointments with both of her surgeons a couple of weeks ago. 


She is doing amazing – no one can believe what she has been through when they look at her.  I hear “you would never know” often, which makes me happy.  Every day when I do her hair I stare at that scar – sometimes I find myself almost lost in it, remembering that terrible time in our lives …and yet being so thankful that she is here, safe and sound. 


I tell Catelin she is “so pretty” all of the time.  Not because I want her to develop an ego but because I want her to know that she is beautiful both inside and out.  And that scar – which her hair hides almost perfectly – is a part of her.  I pray that when she is older it will remind her how tough she is, how she can overcome any challenge and still have that precious smile on her face.  And while that scar makes me want to cry, it also reminds me to hug each of my children and tell them how “pretty” and wonderful they are every day.


Anyway, her check-ups went great.  The neurosurgeon doesn’t think he will have to operate on her again (I pray that holds true), but we will continue to follow up with him annually.  The craniofacial surgeon also thinks she looks great.  The plates will dissolve by the end of the year so we will know more what she will look like at that time.  If he does have to operate again it will be a relatively “minor” surgery (I guess anything is minor compared to her other surgery) which will not happen for another 1.5-2 years. 


In the meantime, this almost 2 year old girl is keeping us on our toes and showing off her adorable dimples every day!


  1. I was just about to text you to ask about her! I'm so happy things are well. So happy!

  2. She looks so adorable that it’s almost unbelievable to think of the terrible things she’s been through. I hope the dreadful part is over. I’m more than glad to see your little girl happy! How is she doing?

    Louisa Coppinger @ U.S. HealthWorks