Monday, March 17, 2014

Picture Post

kids hig black and white

We’ve had a busy winter so it’s been hard to keep the blog updated.  The kids are doing great.  Catelin’s personality is really blossoming.  She is such a girl – when I say “let’s go” she runs to the closet to pick out her favorite princess jacket, then hurries over to the cubby where I keep her shoes, and finally goes on a search for her purse.  We definitely can’t leave the house without her purse (unless I distract her with a stuffed animal)!  It is way too cute.  Here are some recent pictures of our little diva.




IMG_4782mommy and CL black and white

Could you just squeeze those adorable cheeks all day?  And those dimples…Smile

Ty might be the funniest child I know.  He talks all. day. long.  Sometimes I have to tell him we are going to play the “quiet game” in the car because he just keeps talking and talking and talking.  It is adorable though.  They had a transportation unit at his preschool a few weeks ago and he LOVED it.  So much so that he is now the biggest back seat driver EVER.  He tells me when I need to stop, when I need to go, when the crosswalk sign says “walk,” when to slow down, etc.  Too bad the “quiet game” never works!

What’s funny is that at school Ty is very shy.  He answers questions, plays with his friends, and follows all directions very well but he is not the first to jump up to answer a question (unlike his older brother).  But he loves school and all his preschool friends.  Here are some pictures of daddy as the Mystery Reader for Ty’s class last month (Catelin got to come as well).


It just so happened that their Valentine’s Day party was that day (it was postponed due to the second ice storm).  I bought the whole class little mailboxes and stickers to decorate them – it was super cute.  And the kids in the class made the teachers an adorable handprint flower bouquet.


Ty is playing soccer on a YMCA team with most of his classmates and seems to be enjoying it.  I mean, he gets to run around and kick a ball with his friends…what’s not to like?!

MJ is playing soccer and golf this spring.  What a difference a year makes…last year he was on the soccer team but wasn’t interested in playing.  At practice he would just run around and kick the ball every now and then.  But this year he is in to it.  He usually scores 2-5 goals per game and he is fast.  I am going to take the credit for his love of running :-)


If you have a child in preschool, you know Dr. Seuss’ birthday was earlier this month.  MJ’s school had a character day where every child had to dress up as a character from their favorite book.  I was praying that MJ would want to be Spiderman or Rafael (since we have Spiderman and TMNT books and we have the costumes from Halloween).  But of course, he wanted to be Hot Rod Hamster.  Really?!  And since I am not Martha Stewart and I only had three days notice, this is was the finished product:


I actually think he looked cute.

We love the PDK airport park.  We went their with the Lorimer’s a couple of weekends ago and they had a replica of a WWII fighter plane.  It was really cool to climb up in it and look around.

IMG_2904  IMG_2908


Last month we celebrated Steve’s 35th birthday!  We ended up just going to dinner and a movie but it was perfect.


Steve took this picture of the boys when we were down at our cabin in Griffin a couple of weeks ago- I think I’ll frame it…

boys at property

Brotherly love.

My dear friend and running partner, Elizabeth, organized a half marathon that I ran in this past weekend. The theme was wine and chocolate (it was supposed to be the day after Valentine’s Day but was postponed due to the ice storm)…at the finish they had a wine brunch and massages.  It was a great race and I placed first in my age group!

run!me and ebeth

And this is how I found Ty on Sunday morning just before leaving for 7:30 AM mass:

ty on floor

Not. Even. Kidding.  He was a tired boy!

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