Monday, June 9, 2014

CL’s 2 Year Stats and End of the School Year Fun

We had Catelin’s 2 year check up and she is doing great.  She remains a big - VERY big -girl…

Weight: 36 lbs (>>99%);  Height: 38.75”  (>>99%).  But she is still my baby! 

CL princess

The kids got out of school a couple of weeks ago – it has actually been really nice not to have to stick to a schedule for a little while.

Ty’s last day class was May 16th.  They had a fun end of the year party which included bubbles and popsicles!


MJ’s pre-K class had a lot of fun activities the last week of school.  First, he had field day…it brought back so many memories!!!  I volunteered for it so I got a lot of good videos and pictures.  Here are some of my favorites…


The next day they went on a field trip to the Children’s Museum and I was one of the chaperones.  They had a BLAST!



May 21st was MJ’s final day of Pre-K.  I can’t believe he will be in Kindergarten next year!  They had an adorable “move up” ceremony where the teachers talked about their favorite memories of each child during the school year.  It was a tear-filled morning.



MJ’s slide including the following:
When I grow up I want to be an…ASTRONAUT
What the teachers love most about MJ is…HOW SWEET HE IS TO HIS FRIENDS AND HIS LOVE OF ANIMALS.

The class headed over to the park after the ceremony and had so much fun together (even though Ty kept photo-bombing all of the pictures!)



The kids have been enjoying lots of pool/park/zoo time…here are a few pictures.


And did I mention that we have a lawyer in the family now?!?!  Eddie graduated from Georgia State Law School on May 16th.  We are beyond proud of you, Uncle Eddie!!  His next stop is NYU to get his LLM (Master of Law). 


The kids got a hold of Eddie’s drum set up at my parent’s house while we were celebrating – I’m so glad these things are not in our house!


  1. Precious kiddos ... they are all growing up so quickly. And Catelin is a mini-Jules!!

  2. Love it! And OMG at those drums!! >_<