Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Catelin is TWO!


I can’t believe our baby girl is TWO!  We celebrated this past weekend by having a small party at Colleen and John’s house.  We had a family discussion about what the theme should be- options included Frozen (she LOVES the music) and Hello Kitty (she also loves “meow-meows”)..and then Ty – in a very matter-of-fact tone says, “No- it has to be Minnie.  Minnie is her FAVORITE!”  And Minnie it was….

When Catelin came down the stairs and saw all of her Minnie decorations she was over the moon.  It was so adorable.  She ran around screaming “Minnie!  More Minnie!”  She loved the signs, the balloons, plates, napkins, etc.  She was hugging everything that had Minnie on it. 


We put her in her Minnie Mouse bathing suit so she could play with her brothers, cousins, and a few close friends in the pool.  She prefers to sit on the steps and play rather than get in at this point, but she still loved it.


We had burgers and hot dogs and of course a Minnie cake!  Catelin, as you can probably tell, does love her food, but she is not big on sweets.  She loved the Minnie cake topper though!  She was a little overwhelmed when everyone starting singing Happy Birthday (she is not used to being in the spotlight since she has two older brothers!) so she spent most of the song in mommy’s arms.  I didn’t mind Smile


And of course MJ and Ty blew out the candles…


Then it was time to open presents.  The hard thing about this age is that they want to play with every single thing that they open right away, so we tried our best to keep it moving along (without having too many melt downs).  She did insist that we put on her new Frozen night gown, though!


And then we brought out her gift from us- the Frozen castle!  Her eyes lit up when she saw it and she ran as fast as possible to get over to play with it. 





After that we tried to get a family know how this usually goes (I chose the best one!).


Happy birthday to our little princess.  Your second year of life has been a challenging one –two hospitalizations and a major surgery with an incredible recovery.  You truly are a miracle and we thank God for you every day.  We love you “little miss!”

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