Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mother’s Day in Belize


Steve had a business trip in Belize two weeks ago and MJ and I tagged along.  We actually decided months ago to take just MJ on this trip as a special treat – even before his diabetes diagnosis.  I am so thankful we were able to take him (and all of his diabetes supplies!).

The Friday before we left, the preschool had a May Crowning and Mother’s Day celebration.  I was able to take part of the morning off of work so I could be with Ty Ty.




I also got some special cuddle time with the princess right before we left.

Steve, MJ and I left Saturday for Belize.  It was MJ’s first time riding first class- he loved the big seat! 

MJ plane 2

We had to fly on a small “hopper” plane from Belize City to Placencia.  I do NOT like little planes but MJ held my hand and calmed me down. Smile

MJ little planeMJ and mommy on little plane

MJ’s room had two bunk beds in it…between that and the hammock on our balcony he was in heaven!

IMG_5009 IMG_5010

Some of the other members of the group brought their children and we all went on a monkey tour on Sunday…just what I wanted to do on Mother’s Day!  Smile


When we arrived at our destination, we went on a hike to look for howler monkeys.  They are so loud it made them easy to find!


MJ had a blast on our hike and asked our guide about a million questions…I don’t think I am exaggerating here.  He loves animals and anything to do with nature so the questions were rapid fire and lasted the entire 45 minutes.  Thankfully our guide didn’t seem to mind!


MJ: How long do howler monkeys live?  How long can they scream like that?  Do they yell all day and all night?  When do they sleep?  Do you have vultures here in Belize?  Do you know that the Condor is the largest flying bird?  What is that tree over there?  I heard you talk about that snake earlier – is it poisonous?  Do you have to go to the hospital if it bites you?  Do you know my mom’s a doctor?

Not. Even. Kidding.


We also got to see a few manatees on the way back – MJ was thrilled.


Monday was our pool/beach day with the other families.  We also got to go into the little town and see all of the cute shops and restaurants.  Tuesday was our last full day there so Steve, MJ and I went to the Jaguar Preserve for a hike and river tubing!  It turns out that jaguars are nocturnal so unfortunately we didn’t actually get to see a jaguar (thankfully I knew this beforehand so no one was disappointed!) but we did get to see jaguar tracks on our hike through the rainforest. 



The river tubing portion of the tour was so much fun.  MJ did great…he went in his own tube that was tied to our guide’s tube.  Some parts of the river were a little shallow for Steve – he kept getting stuck and would have to “crab walk” over them to get to a deeper area (while MJ and I floated right passed him!).  It was hilarious. 


MJ and I flew back on Wednesday while Steve stayed for his meetings…we were ready to get back to Ty and Catelin!  Thank you to Lisa and Colleen for watching them while we were gone!


  1. FUN!! So glad you got to spend that special time with MJ. He will remember that trip forever. xoxo

  2. SO fun! I know MJ loved a special trip with just y'all. Not sure if Lisa told you, but I saw her, Catelin, and Ty in Publix a couple of weeks ago. :)