Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Birthday at the Pumpkin Patch

Every year we go up to Burt’s Farm with my parents so we continued the tradition and went up this past Sunday (which also happened to be my birthday).  The kids had a BLAST as usual.  Each of them wanted different color/style/sized pumpkins so we let them choose which ones they wanted for the house.


MJ is my pickiest child – he took forever to decide and he still wasn’t 100% confident in his choice until we convinced him his big orange pumpkin was perfect (it’s the one in the very front of the wheelbarrow in the picture above).  He also picked out a green pumpkin just for me. 


Ty wanted the WHITE pumpkin of course!  He was much more decisive. 


Catelin wanted a “cute baby pumpkin:”  PLEASE mommy?!


And the highlight of the trip is always the hayride…unfortunately most of my pictures are of the backs of their heads!




After the pumpkin patch we went over to my parent’s house for lunch and birthday cake.  Every year my mom makes my very favorite cake- yellow cake with her homemade chocolate icing- DELICIOUS!  MJ asked if Grandma could make him a cake this year for his birthday too!  Smile


Steve and I then went out on a date to a movie- it was nice to relax!  We had a wonderful day.

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