Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Peter Chanel Award

First let me just say that I had wonderful conferences with all of the kids’ teachers last month.


Catelin is doing great in her class – she transitions easily from one activity to another, has made lots of friends, participates in all of the songs/prayers and loves to do her art work.  I was so happy to hear that she is one of the “easiest going” kids in the class – I was worried after the first couple of weeks but now she is thriving.

Historically Ty has been shy at school but apparently he has come out of his shell in a big way this year.  In fact, he is considered one of the leaders in his class – he is very smart, involved in all activities (with a “take charge” attitude), and is kind to all of his classmates.  I heard from a couple of the moms that if their child is having an “off day” and needs some help in class that the teacher sits them next to Ty because he is always patient and willing to help.  I am so proud of him.

At MJ’s conference one of the first things his teacher said was that he is an extremely kind and compassionate child and that he was going to be her Peter Chanel award winner for the class this quarter.  If you recall, MJ received this award last year in Pre-K – it is his school’s most prestigious award and is given for “outstanding Christian behavior.”  I never dreamed he would receive it again this year, but now it means even more…

Because on April 10th, MJ was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  It is a condition that affects every facet of his life and will be with him forever.  And instead of despising it and regretting that it is a part of his life, somehow he has embraced it with grace.  Not only has he accepted it, but he has excelled in spite of it.  So this year the Peter Chanel Award is even more significant… because diabetes hasn’t changed him– he is still the same sweet, kind, joyous child.  Proud?  Well, that doesn’t even begin to touch how I feel about MJ.  Inspired – yeah, that’s a better word. 


On October 29th, MJ’s grandparents joined Steve and me at the school wide mass and watched as our biggest boy received his award.  And of course I cried.  Through the tears I was snapping pictures and beaming with pride. 


Congratulations MJ – you inspire us every day.

Mommy and Daddy

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