Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Halloween

I am so bummed that I didn’t get a picture of MJ, Ty and Catelin together this year!  We went to Costco in late September (when they still had a good variety of costumes) and I let each of them pick their own.  MJ chose Bumblebee the Transformer, Ty wanted to be the Hulk, and of course Catelin picked Minnie Mouse! 

Steve worked so hard carving the pumpkins and they looked amazing!  However, we did them too early and they essentially disintegrated on our back deck before we could even put them out.  Next year we will do it the day before Halloween. 

In the mean time, the kids had fun painting pumpkins (and faces) with some of our neighbors…


We went to the Dunwoody Country Club Halloween Carnival two weeks ago and had a great time.  They had a rock climbing wall, bounce houses, a hayride, pumpkin patch, face painting and more.  MJ had a birthday/costume party earlier that day and already had his Transformer face painted- I think she did an amazing job!


My daredevil boys both wanted to climb the rock wall.  MJ got about half way up and Ty- well he got about a quarter of the way and then let go because he was laughing hysterically.


And we all loved the hayride.



Catelin had her class Halloween parade the day before Halloween– she was so excited to see all of her friends in their costumes!!



Ty’s parade was Friday morning followed by his class party.  Apparently Batman was very popular this year with his class so he was glad to be the “green guy.”

ty parade 1ty parade 2

The big school also had a parade and MJ was thrilled to wear his costume!


Our neighborhood has this awesome road that they close off each year for Halloween.  It is so nice knowing that the area will be free of cars, and each family that lives on that street does an incredible job at preparing for the event (one house even had a petting zoo this year!).  Last year, however, we starting trick or treating too late and it was a mad house – there were kids everywhere and since they were all in costume they blended together.  All the moms in our group were extremely stressed out the whole time trying to make sure we didn’t lose our kids.  And with three mobile children, I had a hard time even enjoying it…

Fast forward to this year… we were much smarter and decided to go early.  It was great!  The crowd was a lot smaller and it was still light outside which made everything much easier.  The kids had a wonderful time running from house to house.  Catelin is not a fan of candy (I know, can you believe it?!) so she was perfectly happy riding around in the wagon- which of course was fine by us! 





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