Sunday, February 22, 2015

Winter Happenings

It’s been weeks since I have had time to blog- life has been extremely busy!!  A pipe burst in our kitchen right before Christmas and warped our hardwood floor (and flooded parts of our basement).  We had to move out of our house for over a week while they replaced the damaged floors and sanded/stained the entire main floor of the house.  This meant that we had to move EVERYTHING off the main floor.  Anything fragile we packed ourselves- including my entire china cabinet, all of our pictures, trinkets, etc.  Thank you to Lisa for all of her help with this!  We decided to spend some time down at the hunting property before moving in with Grandma/Grandpa Eco for a week! 

Our little huntress:

The kids (and Steve and me!) were so spoiled while we stayed at the Eco’s – Grandpa played baseball with MJ every afternoon and read the kids books every night while Grandma gave them baths in the “big big tub.” We also had some delicious homemade meals (which you probably know is not my strong suit)!



We went with a slightly darker and less golden stain than we had before (see upper right picture) and I LOVE it.  We also went ahead and had them paint our kitchen cabinets white while we were out of the house (something I always wanted to do but didn’t want to move out for).  We were out of the house for 9 days but it was worth it! 


We had to replace the carpet in the basement (along with some of the baseboards) and the walls needed to be repainted.  Thankfully most of this was done while we were gone.


We moved back in a little early and had to wait another day for them to move the furniture back into the house (including the oven)!  The kids and I ate dinner at the Lorimer’s and then watched a movie in the “big big bed” that night while Steve was out of town…


It took another week to unpack everything and feel settled again.  I am just glad this happened while I was 6 months pregnant and not 9 months along!  Speaking of Baby Eco #4, I just started third trimester (now 29 weeks) and am still feeling really good.  The baby is measuring right on track and the kids love feeling him/her kicking…It is precious to see their faces when they feel it! 

Here are a few pictures off my iPhone of some of the other fun stuff we have been up to during this time…
A trip to the zoo (of course)!


The kids have had about a million birthday parties over the past few weeks- we love celebrating with our friends!  Here is Catelin at the Children’s museum for one of the parties…


MJ is getting ready to start his very first baseball season and Steve is coaching his team.  Ty is also going to play rookie ball.  They got some cool gear with daddy…


We had another trip to the dentist and everyone is cavity free!


Daddy got to go to morning prayer at the school and sent me this video.  How cute is his class?!


The big school had their annual mother/son “date night” last weekend – MJ and I had so much fun eating dinner and watching Boxtrolls in the school gym.  It was precious.


We had the preschool’s Winter Carnival (the school’s main fundraiser) last Friday night and it was wonderful!  This year was a huge success- we had a ton of raffle items as well as silent auction items.  I love being part of this committee knowing that we are giving back to the school that has given us so much.  I was also in charge of the auction item for Ty’s class.  Since they are called the Curious Caterpillars we made an adorable Hungry Caterpillar themed picnic table.  We used the kids handprints as the caterpillar, the sun and the butterfly wings and then used fingerprints and stencils for the seats.  It was adorable!  I got outbid for it – but I love the family who outbid us so I wasn’t too upset.   Smile

Caterpillar art project

Since Steve and I were chasing the kids around most of the night I didn’t get any pictures!  But they all had a blast.

Some of my favorite pictures are the ones I take of MJ and Ty while they are sleeping- I swear I find them in the funniest and sweetest positions.  How they don’t wake each other up all of the time is beyond me…


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