Saturday, March 7, 2015

Steve’s Birthday and Valentine’s Day


We celebrated Steve’s birthday on February 17th – the kids were out of school that day due to the “snow” so we had fun making gifts and cards for him.  We painted their fingers and made this adorable plate (MJ wrote “Best Daddy Ever”).  We used their thumbs for the bees and ladybugs and Catelin’s pointer finger for the petals on the flower.  It turned out really cute.


Steve doesn’t really eat desserts but we had to have cupcakes!  The kids and I ended up eating all of them Smile

Last summer Steve and I decided to start doing date nights at least once every 2 weeks.  My love language is quality time (if you don’t know about the five love languages you should google them!) and Steve’s is physical touch so the date nights are perfect for both of us.  We like to try out new restaurants and thankfully Atlanta has no shortage of them!  It has been so much fun.  I took Steve to the Kimball House in Decatur for his birthday dinner and it did not disappoint.


We aren’t big Valentine’s Day people but the Monday before V-day was one of our date nights so we went down to Sky View (the huge ferris wheel downtown) and watched the sunset.  It was awesome.  (This was followed by a fabulous dinner at One Midtown Kitchen).


The kids (with some help from daddy!) made me this adorable Valentine’s day present:



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