Saturday, March 14, 2015

My Big Girl!

CL dress

There were 3 things I wanted to do with Catelin before baby Eco #4 arrives:

1. Potty train her!  Every time we have a baby we have two in diapers and I am determined to only have one in diapers this time.

2. Move her into her big girl room.  Our nursery is neutral since we didn’t find out the sex of any of our children before they were born…so we planned to move Catelin into the guest room and keep the nursery for the baby.  We technically have a fifth bedroom in our basement but we made it into a playroom.  There is a queen pull out sofa in there if we have guests come to spend the night.  We also decided to keep the queen bed in CL’s new room for guest use as well (she can sleep in the boys’ room if needed). 

3. Get rid of the pacifier.  Yes, she still uses it only in the car and in her crib.  I know I should get rid of it but it is such a sense of comfort for her. 

cl with dog

Well, we successfully accomplished numbers 1 and 2 about three weeks ago!  I was nervous about potty training her – she was perfectly happy with her diapers and would tell me when she went but didn’t have any interest in the potty.  After the boys were in school a few weeks ago I brought her home and put her big girl underwear on.  I brought out the Minnie Mouse potty and told her it was time to go potty in the “big girl potty.”  We were in the process of completing her new room at the time and I had bought Disney princess decals for her wall.  I figured that the decals would be the perfect incentive for her so I explained that if she went #1 on the potty she would get to put one princess sticker on the wall and if she went #2 on the potty she would get to put THREE stickers up there. 

Well guess what?  That was the extent of our potty training.  She has been in big girl undies for almost 3 weeks now with ZERO accidents.  We are even letting her nap in her underwear (we put a diaper on her at night but she wakes up dry almost every morning).  If I had known it was going to be that easy (I literally potty trained her in one minute) I would have done this months ago!  hahaha Smile  Of course, now that I am bragging she will probably have an accident but the point is she gets it…She knows what to do and how to do it- I am so proud of our big girl!

We moved her into her big girl room two weekends ago and she LOVES it.  She wants nothing to do with the nursery or the crib any more (“that room is for the baby now!” she says). 

Here is her princess wall:

princess decals

And her bed – our little princess had to have a princess-themed room of course!

cl bed 1cl bed 2

The closet doors were French doors that opened into the room and took up a LOT of space so I took them off and put up a shower curtain rod with an adorable curtain:


The sign above the closet says “I met my Prince Charming, his name is Daddy.”  I love it.

And when I saw the below signs on Etsy I just had to have them…they describe her perfectly…

she is fierce

I am going to wait until a couple of months after baby E #4 arrives to get rid of the pacifier- I have decided to pick my battles for now and I am not ready for that one!  hahaha Smile

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  1. Yay for Catelin!!! I am so impressed that you are so good at potty training your children! And her room is just precious. I love it. :)