Thursday, May 28, 2015

End of the School Year Fun

   We have had a very busy couple of weeks with MJ, Ty and Catelin’s end of the school year activities!  I am going to break it down by child… 


At the preschool, they celebrate all of the summer birthdays during the last two weeks of school.  Jake (who was 13 days old at the time) and I surprised Catelin with princess decorations and special treats for all of her friends.  She was over the moon- just look at that smile! (She turns THREE June 3rd). 

We also had her end of the school year picnic on the playground a few days later.  She had such an incredible year- she has matured so much and her teachers have been amazing.  I am so proud of her.  Here she is with her two favorite teachers- Nalley and Kathleen!


Ty had his end of the school year picnic the same day as Catelin but at a slightly later time.  Thankfully the two times overlapped by 30 minutes so Jake and I didn’t have to go back and forth from the house to the school.  Ty also had a wonderful year.  He is very smart and really loves all of his classmates.  He will be leaving the preschool and joining MJ across the parking lot at the “big school” next year for Pre-K!

They also had a “moving on” ceremony the following day for the students who are moving up to kindergarten or going to the pre-k at the big school next year.  It was a sweet little ceremony followed by another picnic on the playground.  And Jake was chillin’ again in his stroller- thank goodness for car seat canopies!  I keep him covered up so no one will touch him or get too close (but I do open up the cover for pictures of course!).

One of our favorite preschool teachers, Ms. Ann, is retiring this year- we will miss her dearly.  She taught both MJ and Ty in their 5 day 3 year old classes… I wish she would stay one more year so Catelin would be her student!  We have been blessed to know her and have her in our lives.


MJ had his spring concert two weeks ago.  It was adorable! 
He is in the middle of the pictures below with the white shirt on...

The following Monday was field day.  I volunteered to do it at the beginning of the school year not thinking about the fact that I would have a 2 week old at the time!  But MJ was sooo excited about my being there that I couldn’t miss out on the fun.  My mom was kind enough to watch Ty, Catelin and Jake so I could go…MJ was thrilled!  And yes – he is VERY competitive. :)

 Last Thursday was Kindergarten graduation.  I knew I was in for it when I started crying while they were lining up at the very beginning!  I tried to keep myself busy by taking pictures but I just can’t believe how quickly he is growing up…I mean, he is going to be in first grade in August.  Jake was busy drinking his milk during the ceremony, Steve was multi-tasking (see pic below), and Catelin and Ty kept trying to get big brother’s attention!  

They had a reception afterwards and then we went to celebrate with everyone at the park!

It was a very busy two weeks and now we are all glad to be out for the summer!

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