Friday, May 8, 2015

It’s a BOY!!

Jacob Andrew Economos “Jake” was born Friday, May 1st at 4:30 pm.  7 lbs, 14 oz and 19.5”.  He is beyond precious!!!!


My OB was going on vacation this week so we set up an induction for May 1st.  I had scheduled inductions with all of the other kids and went into labor on my own before the induction dates so I was surprised that baby E #4 wanted to wait!  I guess Jake was cozy in there. Smile  

Steve and I got MJ off to school that morning and then headed to the hospital while Catelin and Ty stayed at home with Ms. Lisa.  When we got there, I was having contractions every 4-5 minutes so it looks like I was in the early stages of labor anyway.  


We waited awhile to start the pitocin because my OB wasn’t available until the afternoon.  Once I got the epidural and the pitocin was turned on labor went very quickly!   Thankfully my OB arrived just in time!!  Baby #4 was ready to make his/her debut … after three pushes I heard Steve yell “It’s a BOY!”  and Jacob Andrew Economos arrived into this world.  Jake was immediately placed on my chest and I was overwhelmed with love – the same instantaneous love I felt when MJ, Ty and Catelin were born.  It was amazing.

Our deal for all the kids has been that Steve gets to announce the sex of the baby and when everyone goes back in the room I announce the name.  Steve let MJ announce it this time- unfortunately I can’t upload it right now but I will try again later.  It was too cute.


Our kids, Steve’s parents, my mom, Lisa, Nick’s family and Mike and Lee were all able to make it to the hospital.  It was special to have all of them there to meet the newest member of our family of SIX!


The next two days were a blur.  Jake did great but he had a slightly elevated temperature on Saturday night and they decided to do some labs.  Everything looked good but his bilirubin level was a little high so they started him on phototherapy.  Unfortunately that meant he had to stay another night in the hospital.  


Steve and I stayed until late Sunday night before heading home without him.  It was heartbreaking but I knew he was in good hands.  The next morning I developed the worst headache I’ve ever had –  we got to the hospital to see Jake but it was hard for me to focus due to the pain.  We spent the morning with him but he was not going to be discharged until mid afternoon (he needed one more blood draw to confirm his levels were ok).  By the afternoon my headache was off the charts on the pain scale so I called my OB who wanted me to go back to labor and delivery.  That meant that Steve had to take Jake home without me!  


I was beside myself but I couldn’t bear the pain.   It turns out I had a complication from my epidural called a post dural puncture headache- some of my spinal fluid was leaking out and causes a splitting headache.  They did a procedure on me that night called a blood patch where they draw your blood and then inject it back into that epidural space to essentially create a seal for the leak.  My headache was almost instantaneously better.  I had to lay down on my back for 2 hours after the procedure before we headed home.  I was instructed to lie on my back for a minimum of 12 hours and take it easy for 2-3 more days.  Thankfully I continue to feel better every day and am trying my hardest to be a good patient!  I am blessed to have my mom, Colleen and Lisa here to help me and Steve with the kids.  Thank you all so much!!!

MJ, Ty and Catelin are all obsessed with their baby brother – it is adorable!


Baby Jake is now one week old and doing great…we are all glad to be home together!  



  1. Goodness!! He's precious and I'm so glad you are ok. Can't WAIT to see y'all!

  2. He is darling, Julie - congratulations and love to all of you!

  3. Ahhhh!!! Congrats Jules!! I am thrilled for you. I can't wait to meet Jake! I am so glad you are all finally home together. Catelin sure is going to be in for it when she starts dating with THREE brothers to protect her. :)