Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Princess Catelin is THREE!

Catelin turned THREE last Wednesday (June 3rd).  Where did the time go?!  Catelin is very much a "girly girl" and is currently obsessed with Disney princesses so that made the theme for her party a no-brainer. 

You should have seen her face that morning when her brothers gave her gift to her at breakfast- a Sleeping Beauty dress!  She immediately put it on and it stayed on all day.  And yes, she chose to wear those pink Hello Kitty rain boots with it on all of our errands that day.  I did not protest at all - it was her day...

We decided to have a small party with just family and a couple of her "besties" that evening.  Everyone dropped by Grandma Eco's pool after work and the kids swam and ate pizza and cake. 

The cake was ADORABLE- it was a Disney princess castle made by Publix.  She was so in love with it I wasn't sure she was going to let us eat it!  haha

We had her three year check up last week and she is now back on the growth chart (barely) at 40" tall (97%) and 40 lbs (98%).  This is the first time that she was not >99% for both height and weight since she was 4 months old.  My precious little girl...Happy Birthday Princess Catelin!  

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